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Swimming caps, do you wear one?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) February 1st, 2017

I am swimming a lot at the moment and I have long hair. I hate wearing swimming caps, but my hairdresser said she noticed a slight green tinge to the blonde in my hair. I don’t really want green hair so I’ve decided I have to wear my swimming cap. I tried wearing my Speedo swimming cap. My hair still ended up wet. I’ve tried putting my hair in a ponytail and not putting it in a ponytail, but either way, the water seeps in and my hair ends up wet.

Do any of you wear a swimming cap that works really well and keeps your hair dry?

I know I could just go in the shower every time I swim, but it’s hot as hell here and it’s nice to just get out of the pool and stay wet for a while. Plus I’m getting in and out during the day and I don’t want to have to keep washing or even rinsing my hair.

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My hair would get less wet when I wore a swimming cap, and online says that it makes a difference.

Two tricks I learned: wet your hair with regular water before going into the pool, and/or put a little bit conditioner on your hair. The first saturates the hair with non-chlorinated water, the second coats the hair—so both can help keep the pool water from soaking too much into your hair. In either case, you put a swimming cap on after the fact (or else the tap water and/or conditioner would just wash out).

This Go Ask Alice column on Columbia’s site mentions some shampoos that are designed to get the green out (it also talks about why pool water can turn hair green… I never knew the “why” before!)

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Thanks @Soubresaut! I’ll try that. My hairdresser said the chlorine changes the ph balance of your hair. I don’t think green hair and me will work… I’m a bit too straight for that. :D

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On the days I wear a cap , I frenchbraid my hair and then smooth a lightweight conditioner on before putting the cap on. It worked well when I was blonde. I’m not convinced it’s working well on my <cough> silver <cough> tresses. I may have to cave and get some of that blue shampoo.

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I don’t wear one but I don’t swim as regularly year round as you do.

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Thanks all! I was just hoping one of you would say “oh you have to try this miracle cap!!” I know. I was dreaming!

Noooooooo… not the blue hair @BellaB!

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I tried it a few times and my hair still got wet. I gave up fast. I think they are better for drag than for preventing chlorine hair.

Try a little aloe in your hair when you shampoo. I used to use that to keep the chlorine away. I don’t know if it really helped, but I don’t think it hurts in any way. I think it made the shampoo a little more sudsy too. Just straight aloe. You can buy it in a bottle or take it from your home grown plant. If you try it let me know if you think it works. I’m a brunette who used to get blonde streaks in the summer, so green tinge wasn’t very obvious on my hair.

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I never wore one because I had a lot of trouble getting them on my head. Maybe it was because my hair was long or I have a big head, I’m not sure.

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