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Who were the influencers of Abraham Lincoln's personal style?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10296points) February 1st, 2017

Is it nuovo quaker? Is it standard face framing beard sans mustache? Were tall tophats ubiquitous?

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Lincoln grew a beard on the advice of an 11 year old girl named Grace Bedell.

His stovepipe hat was adoption of a popular style that also accentuated his height.

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He was called ugly every which way he turned. The beard suggestion sounded good to a man who wanted to be known not for his looks. You know, like saying a guy is orange, or making fun of his hair.
He was considered backwoods, a puppet, and his military career was nothing to brag about.

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Were tall tophats ubiquitous?

I saw one of Lincoln’s stovepipe hats last week. I had to get a tollway transponder and stopped at one of our oases. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum has an exhibit there including “the beaver-fur stovepipe hat he wore as a country lawyer”.

I was curious about the popularity, so I googled a little, and find them in America and England.

Lincoln’s first inauguration. Lots of top hats.

1854 – Sir Henry Cole and Richard Redgrave in the garden of the Gore House

1859 – Group photograph of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, Count of Flanders, Princess Alice, Duke of Oporto, and King Leopold I of the Belgians

Run on the Seamen’s Savings’ Bank during the Panic of 1857

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