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Children can be tried as adults, so can adults be tried as children?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) February 2nd, 2017

Is that the same as saying they are insane, or mentally competent?

How well is this tested? Since I would argue it is extremely immature to commit most criminal offenses are we sure that everyone committing these offenses is mentally old enough to stand trial?

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No, adults cannot be tried as children.

Your premise is false. …it is extremely immature to commit most criminal offenses… is not a defensible argument, as many mature calculating people with sociopathic personalities commit crimes all the time. I don’t think you would call Bernie Madoff as immature. What about Richard Nixon?

There is ample law to cover those who cannot assist in there defense, or cannot understand the gravity of their behavior.

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This is different from your supposition, but an adult can be tried in juvenile court for a crime they committed as a juvenile.

“Carlton R. Franklin, is on trial in a juvenile court for a murder prosecutors say the man committed 36 years ago.” – NJ dot com – December 2, 2012

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If children are trialed as adults, then adults can be trialed as children, because if the first case is true, it means the criminals are already trialed the same way regardless of age.

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@Sneki95 I think your logic are broke.

Accepting one proposition does not mean the inverse must be true:

People ride in cars, does not automatically mean that cars can ride in people…

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I don’t know but I have never been able to digest that crime has anything to do with age. Crime is a crime and punishment should be same irrespective of age.

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