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Does anyone know the rules for the "reality" show Hunted where 18 people try to evade professional trackers for 28 days?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38431points) February 2nd, 2017

The premise is 9 teams of 2 people each are told without warning they are “on the run” and must evade capture by various tracking experts. If they manage to remain free for 28 days they will win $250,000.
Supposedly, they are given a one hour head start and must stay within a certain search area (my estimate from the map they show is 100,000 sq miles.)
They can withdraw only $100 per day from ATMs but can ask people for help.

I watched 2 shows and it seems so contrived and staged there must be other unstated rules. Photographers follow them everywhere and are able to record private conversations. When they are in a secret friend’s vehicle they are recorded from 3 or 4 camera angles. Wouldn’t that make it easy for the hunters to find them? Why don’t they just hide at one spot and stay there? Are they told they must move a certain number of times? Are they not permitted to carry cash or food? Are they not allowed to pre-pack a bag? Why don’t they drive a car to a mall, leave it behind and take another car left for them by a friend? Is that not allowed?
It just seems like there must be other limitations not stated.

I know it is a “reality” show and reality shows never are. But so far it is fun to watch. It would be more fun if we knew the all the rules and I can’t find them anywhere.

I’ve been thinking what I’d do.

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I never heard of it. I would lie in wait for the trackers and take them out, except one that I leave a message for telling them where all the other contestants went.

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This is a rip off of a show from the UK that is significantly better. A lot of your questions are covered in the UK version. Well, they are covered for the UK version.

The US version is super fake. I just watched ep03 of the US one and it is fake as hell.

If you want to watch the UK version send a PM and I can hook you up. And there are two seasons of the UK one.

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It is on Wednesday night on CBS.
It just appears to be so fake. They really need to get better. So far 3 or 4 teams have been caught.
I don’t understand why people just don’t stay put in some quiet spot. Turn off your damn phones of put them on a bus somewhere. Don’t take a car with OnStar, and don’t leave your computer behind.
Get off the grid !

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I agree, it is massively frustrating. Don’t even get me started on the team that used the ATM at the bus terminal.

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I saw the bus terminal event. Incredible. And why did “the Man” let them get off the bus?! Why wasn’t the team standing right at the door?

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