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Why is clothing so important?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18835points) February 2nd, 2017

Clothing is listed as a basic need. Like food, clothing , shelter. Maslow’s pyramid.

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Clothing protects us, to some degree, from weather, injury, and in many cases ridicule.

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In Canada, it’s pretty important. In Tahiti, not all that much.

Figure that clothing was ‘invented’ to keep people warm and protected in climates where being naked would be unhealthy or fatal.

Early cavemen probably decided that clothing over testicles was probably a good idea for protection against animals and running into rocks and bushes. Eventually religion got involved and nakedness became ‘sinful’ which is how it is seen today.

Clothing is important only for physical protection. That’s it.

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It protects the body and helps regulate body temperature.
Wouldn’t be very comfortable to shovel snow naked. haha

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Because it’s cold and no one wants to live in a Renaissance painting.

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Keeps me warm when I’m cold.

Keeps me shaded/cool when it’s sunny/hot.

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I should have included. Why is clothing more important to the other levels on the Maslow pyramid? Should only basic clothing be more important to the other levels? You don’t need a suit when compared to security and esteem needs. Is clothing as important as food and shelter?

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Go stand naked outside for twenty minutes, then come back and answer that for yourself.

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Because I don’t want to see your dick.

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Yeah, just think of all those manspreading dudes on the subway. gah! haha

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and…just think how nasty the seats in the movie theater could be with pantless people. haha

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@Coloma Freebleeding would be a thing (nearly vomits)

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I actually don’t think clothing is on Maslows list. Shelter and protection from the elements is what is usually quoted.

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Indeed. Actually Maslow’s hierarchy doesn’t really elaborate, in itself. It simply lists basic types of need, in order of importance (hard to find your purpose when you’re suffering from malnutrition). It kinda goes without saying that physiological needs include food, shelter, clothing, etc.

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We actually have a saying in Norway. ‘Ikke dårlig vær, bare dålige klær.’ It means there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Part of the culture here is knowing how to meet your protective needs to get on in the bad weather. It is something we actually start training children with from year 1. They call it ‘weather training’.

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I did a quick google search and did not find clothing included. The closest I found was “warmth” listed on the physiological lowest level of the pyramid. Maybe some people include clothing in the physiological level. It makes sense that a person’s physiological needs would be primary. If you are hungry or exhausted or freezing or in deep pain, dealing with such things is of the highest priority.

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Clothes can cover embarrassing tats, sagging flesh, scars.

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In the interest of equality…
Because I don’t want to see your saggy spaniel ears :D

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