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What do you like best about your house or apartment?

Asked by janbb (57164points) February 4th, 2017

In my house, I love the way the light moves around various rooms through the day, particularly the midday sun on my reading chair in the den and the afternoon sun in the kitchen.

What nurtures you about the space you are in?

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I love the cozy feel of my house, and its 1930s Art Deco escutcheons and crystal doorknobs.

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The yard and garden and that it backs up to wetlands is a heavenly visual to wake up to. The Jacuzzi hot tub also helps to bubble away the daily stresses and is even better that it is big enough for two!

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The trees.

My house is surrounded by beautiful old-growth trees (they’ve clear-cut most of the woods around Richmond to make way for suburbia), with a 2 minute walk down to the James River park. There is so much going on with the wildlife at any given moment, from huge woodpeckers, squirrels chasing each other all over, lots of deer, birds of prey, bats, cardinals, opossums, raccoons, beavers, gorgeous, tall river birches that are bone-white in the winter, etc.

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The fact that its paid for.
Also Mrs squeeky has it done our way.

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I live in a 1920 tract home, built for factory workers. For a touch of charm, the builders put little, simple, stained glass windows in. Mine is in my living room, and the late-morning sun coming through it is a joy. This window is one of the main reasons I bought this house.

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Let’s try that again (and only once).

My porch and mini deciduous native woodlot in the front yard. I look forward to spring and sitting out there reading/relaxing/visiting with neighbours. I can sort of hide in the little woodlot so people often think the little dog is out there alone. It’s fun to watch people interact with her when they think no one is watching/listening.

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My high ceilings, my creaky old floorboards, the view from the balcony (bonus: church bells ringing in the distance), and my clawfoot tub.

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how it keeps the rest of the whole world out.

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The floor plan and its location. And, the rent is below market rate. That is about it.

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Not a single colonial living in it.
It is great.
It is, the best. Bigly.

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I have quite a modest apartment but what I like about it is:

1. It is close to a river and a park
2. It is near an extensive system of walkways and cycle tracks.
3. I get open views of the sky and the sunset.
4. I can hear birdsong in the early morning
5. It is convenient for public transport.
6. It is a short distance from a 24 hour supermarket.

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My view. I have the best view. It’s huge. It’s really the best. Everybody says so.

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I love the view. Ever changing weather makes it breathtaking. I also like that we don’t have to pay an electric bill because we make our own electricity

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The yard, it’s like a park. We have five huge oak trees that shade our screened in deck and covered sitting area, a nice grassy field, two fire pits and it butts up against a large meadow. Even with the trees it’s still open. I also like to sit in the hot tub and look out, especially when it rains.
We also live walking distance from a long greenway that follows a river.

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I love your view too Judi…jealous

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Cool in summer, warm in winter. I would love a garage but the carport does a good job.

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what does @Judi‘s view look like?

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@cazzie Been many years but I recall it looked like a lot like this:

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Conveniently located (just a few miles outside of D.C.), great neighbors, situated within a gorgeous city (Alexandria VA), and my windows look out on a vast, park-like scene.

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I also like the view. For me, it’s many rooftops on multiple roads going down a small decline that leads to water. Across the water are many skyscrapers. It looks quite calm right now at 10:30 at night. Although most skyscrapers are darker than they were earlier, some still shine vivid colors at the tops (blue, gold, green, red). My side of the water is pretty black, with the exception of a few christmas-lit roof decks.

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2 Bedroom for 615 a month. Electric with the heater going when there is snow outside is 60 a month. internet for 54 a month. But I will be vacationing in Cancun while you snowblow.

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I love our big garden. We have lots of trees and visiting birds. The house also has big windows that look out onto the back garden. Now our patio is finished we can sit out there and feel the breeze and look at the trees, the birds or watch birds using the pool. And at this time of year, I love being able to sit under the shade we’ve put over part of the pool so I play in the water while I cool down.

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The fact we’re on the second floor and no one above us.

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I have a small house but it’s light and bright. I have a big deck which, in the nice weather, is my favorite spot. There’s a lake on one side (view from deck) and a horse farm when I pull out of my street. I am five minutes from the CT border and NYC is about an hour away by train or car.

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That it has two floors. Enough room for both my husband and I to have space when needed :)

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It’s big for an apartment around here, and although everyone pays out the ass for rent around here, I feel like we’re getting a relatively good deal for the apartment we have. Because Matt and I have really similar habits/preferences it’s always clean unless we’re sick or life is otherwise overwhelming. This was a huge relief after spending much of college with roommates whose habits I despised.

I have plants in pretty much every room and the aquarium is my pride and joy. There’s so much life in the apartment even with just the two of us living here.

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