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Do you eat fast food?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 7th, 2008

just curious what percentage of flutherites eat in fast food restaurants (i.e. mcd’s, wendy’s, burger king, arby’s, kfc, etc). as for me, the answer is yes, but i try not to, too often.

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Yes, and with 3 children to drive around to various activities, far too often. I do love McD’s, though

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Sadly, yes. I eat dollar menu items at McD’s and Wendy’s at least once a week, simply because I’m out and about and on a budget. But are we counting Chipotle and Panera?

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Yes we do! Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, you name it…

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The root of all evil! I have to paint a mental image of those people on hoverchairs from Wall-E as a motivator to “keep on driving”’s working so far!

Gotta wean slowly though…family and I have cut off the fries and sodas-yay!

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Yes, and too often. Usually Del Taco or Togos. Burger King has a good veggie burger too.

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True fast food? Not like Subway or Baja Fresh, right? The only fast food restaurant I eat at is Taco Bell, and then I only eat the bean & cheese burritos; no onions, please. Oh wait. When traveling I’ll eat Jack in the Crack’s (Box) breakfast croissant with egg only. I’m just too picky to eat most fast food.

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I do occasionally. I used to eat fast food all the time, but then I started watching what I eat and found that I actually liked a lot of the healthier alternatives. Now when I eat fast food, I usually feel gross, like I have a heavy, greasy lump in my stomach (which I guess is more or less correct).

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No way Jose. I hit the taco-wagons pretty hard though.

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I do too peedub!

@tinyfarie: I like “jack in the crack” as well! :)

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Rarely (i.e. once every few months). I only stoop to that level when I’m with my friends and we lack adeqaute money for a proper meal. Recently, I’m all about cleasning my body and trying to avoid poison like Big Macs. I know it tastes like Heaven in every bite but after seeing what its “cooked” in, I decided to it’s not the best nutrition for the body.

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I do. It’s so easy and cheep. I’m trying to put on some weight now so I’ve been hitting burger joints pretty hard the past week or two. I’ll be glad when I get to the desired weight and body fat so I can go back to more “normal” eating habits.

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Not often, but when I do it’s either Del Taco or In-n-Out.

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not very often, but i like it ^^

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oh yes. but i live next to a BK so its not fair! everytime they get a new sandwich i have to try it out….i must try this cheesy bacon tendercrisp

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I don’t, really. I’m generally one of those brown rice and tofu types, but last night I had a few stuffed jalepenos from Jack in the Box (love many of their commercials, by the way) and they were AMAZING and well worth the despair I felt this morning when I realized what I had shoved into my digestive tract. :-) I dipped them in the ranch dressing that was supplied along side.

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