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How to remove suds from pail, and sink, not dishwasher and washing machine?

Asked by flo (12974points) February 5th, 2017

How to remove the suds by adding something for exemple, into any container after hand washing clothes let’s say.

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Vinigar might help. The soap is a base and vinegar is an acid so it could neutralize it.

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You want to break the surface tension of the bubbles. Put some alcohol in a spray bottle and squirt on the suds. Alcohol had the lowest surface tension of any liquid so it will quickly kill the bubbles.

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Salt always seems to do the trick, too.

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I know that home carpet cleaning machines (the kind you rent) have a “de-sudsing” product you can buy. Try that, then re-wash to get out that chemical.

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Thank you all. I’ll go with salt. Most easily available.
Do the manufacturers do something to keep the suds stay longer?

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Be sure to use COLD water. It seems to make a difference.

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I’ll try that, not wild about using cold water though.

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Use rubber gloves. They insulate against the cold.

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It’s not for the feeling though. It’s just not as effective as warm or hot water I don’t think. It might takes more soap, and energy.

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Try this. Whip up a sink full of suds. Time how long it takes to rinse it down the drain. Then whip up a second sink full of suds and time it again, only using cold water. In my experience it takes quite a bit longer to rinse suds away using warm or hot water.

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Interesting, I’ll try it.

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Agitation. Swish it around with your fingers, vigorously. It helps if there is a small amount of water under the suds.

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I find agitation makes it more sudsy.

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