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How do you feel about Bill Clinton?

Asked by trumi (6491points) August 7th, 2008

Please, no jokes about his family. This means you McCain.

I like a lot of the things that he has done for the country, and yet his whole attitude towards Barack Obama is really making me question his motivations.

People get into politics for three reasons: power, money, and to help people. Where does he lie?

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power, and I think he is in denial that his time on stage isn’t up.

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The man was a genius (not for his handling of the scandal) for his economical and social agenda. For the first, and probably last time, in recent history, the US had accumulated an economic surplus. Imagine that, we made more money than we spend (Bush, that’s really hard when we’re in war). He signed NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, which stimulated all three economies. Overall, the only stain on his presidency was his scandal with the secertary and mishandling of the Somalian civil war.

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@Indy318: Bill Clinton slept with Betty Currie too??

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Unfortunately, he allows his ego and penis to overshadow all the worthwhile things he helped accomplish while president.

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His strength and his weakness lie in his passion.

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He is a brilliant man and was a great President. I look back with longing at the prosperity of his terms. His character definitely has flaws. They keep me from thinking he is a great man. One does not have sexual encounters with employees. I also was very disappointed he lied about that.

His behavior now regarding Obama is very odd. I expect that he will shape up and step up, but it may be too late. Since that will be bad for the country, I really have a problem with him.

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