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Have you ever been traumatized over food that you were not forced to eat?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42474points) February 6th, 2017

Have you?

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Traumatized from having to look at it? The question is not quite clear.

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I ate some poppy seed rolls once at a restaurant. That was when I discovered I am terribly allergic to poppy seeds.
It was pretty traumatic.

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^^^ That would be traumatic! I can only imagine.

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In third grade, the school lunch was Tuna Casserole, with a dessert of stewed prunes. I ate them both, but was throwing up before I could even get up from the table.

I was in my twenties before I could even be in the presence of either without reflexively gagging.

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When I was a little kid we had a tiny grocery store in our neighborhood. It had 3 aisles, one of which was the meat aisle. All the different meats sat in buckets of blood and I couldn’t walk down that aisle nor eat meat until I was in high school.

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When I was in 3rd grade we were standing for the pledge and the kid next to me threw up grape juice along with the rest of his breakfast. It was a long time before I could drink grape juice.

Mom said the nuns forced her to eat spinach at school once. She tried to comply, then promptly threw up on the table in front of every one. It was humiliating for her.

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I used to eat raspberries in the dark. Until I got a moldy one.

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My grandmother is starting to go a little senile. A couple of years ago she baked us a casserole made with runny eggs, rice, questionable shrimp and bisquick. It was pretty bad, I do the cooking for all of us when we visit now.

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Is someone watching over her now @ARE_you_kidding_me?

Oh lord! Once, not long after my oldest moved out, she came over and was ravenous! She hurriedly poured a bowl of cereal and milk, and started scarfing. She was almost done when she noticed something moving in the milk at the bottom of her bowl…....HOW GROSS IS THAT?! I laughed until I cried!

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She’s not that bad yet just small lapses in judgement. That visit she was clearing out her fridge as I was getting ready to move her to her summer home. She did not want to waste the food lol. We are getting close to where she’ll need managed care.
Finding creatures in food after you are already eating it is always alarming. Like biting into a sandwich and getting a dusty, chalky taste only to realize there is mold on the bread.

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You said a couple of years ago she was using questionable shrimp. It’s not my business, but food poisoning can easily kill an elderly person.
But, not my business.

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It was frozen shrimp, not exactly questionable. Just gross.

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In the first week of fourth grade I bit into my school lunch cheeseburger, and thus a palmetto bug.

I’d just moved to Florida a month before and had never seen one before. It was the biggest bug I had ever seen. I almost got in trouble for screaming as loud as I did in the cafeteria, but the lunch monitor was kind when I told her, and got me an apple juice.

I never ate a school lunch that came in a wrapper again.

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One time I thought I was biting into a piece of meat and it was liver. So gross.

My husband was traumatized when he thought he was biting into a French fry and it was eggplant.

@Seek OMG!

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Yes. I was on a Japanese flight once from Japan to Guam and I chose their chicken an rice meal since the other meal had wasabi and I don’t do spicy. Well I never in a million years would’ve thought that they would’ve mixed whole black peppers in the rice. I thought it was some sort of black japanese pea. I thought I was going to die after chewing into some of those whole peppers. I had non stop tearing, my snots (that I didn’t have till then) poured out of my nose like an open faucet, my face was red, and I was coughing so hard I thought my lungs were going to jump out of body. The stewardesses thought I was dying and they weren’t the only ones thinking that. They were panicking. And if you know anything about Japanese stewardesses they are usually calm. I’m sure I looked like some horror scene from victims of sarin gas from some movie.

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Why would they even put those in? I don’t understand the allure of spicy food in general.

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Was wondering myself. It makes no sense to put in whole black pepper balls. Could’ve at least put it on the side. If I would’ve seen it on the side, I would’ve probably lightly tasted it, wondering if it was a pea or something else.

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