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Is it common for university students to play manipulative mind games with eachother?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) February 7th, 2017

To get attention?

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Not to get attention. But as a prank, yes.

A couple of us convinced a guy in the fraternity that we’d all learned about sex by losing our virginity to our mothers at age eleven, “the normal way, like everybody.”

We finally told him we were fooling him when he was about to call his mom and ask her why she hadn’t taught him sex.

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Fun and games. And it happens everywhere, not just in university.

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When it’s cruel, then it’s only common for manipulators to do this. The average person does not play these kind of games.

We average people don’t often think that the others we meet are manipulative, until they demonstrate through their behavior that they have ulterior motives for everything they do. If a person manipulates you in a cruel way, never trust that person. You don’t have to confront them or tell others about it. You can simply make a mental note for yourself to be wary around that person in the future.

Jokes are another matter entirely, and I think the others have answered it above.

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Not in my experience.

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University students are but a reflection of the population at large. There is of course apt to be a larger sampling of immaturity in the young.

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It probably happens at some level, but I’ve not witnessed or experienced it.

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I went to class and took notes. Then I went to work to pay for class. I managed to get in some studying and sleep.

I wasn’t a fratboy like zen. I was in and out. College wasn’t a “experience”. I didn’t want to continue high school. I wanted in and out as fast as possible thinking I would get a job that didn’t crush my soul.

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Not common, or popular, but it there were people who thought playing mind games were cool. I think it’s a right-of-passage for some students that see new information as a weapon. They eventually learn the hard way. LOL.

The worst was a psych prof who loved to fuck with your head in class as a teaching tool. He often left his clueless victims without resolution. Sadistic sonuvabitch and not very popular with his students.

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In my experience, university students don’t do this any more than anyone else. @RedDeerGuy1 , Is this something you went through?

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Some people play manipulative mind games from the time they’re 3. Doesn’t matter the setting. what @LostInParadise said.

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@LostInParadise Yes. Other people played it so good that I thought everything was my fault and I didn’t recognize it when it happened to me.

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I think we’ve all been in relationships like that at some point in our lives, @RedDeerGuy1.

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Thanks all.

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