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Who asked about the nosy neighbor in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) August 7th, 2008

I lost the comment in the niagara of questions tonight. I think it was Indy. Anyway, answer is Mrs. Dubose.

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Gail, a quick google search revealed that it was Miss Maudie’s house that burned down. I remember that Miss Dubose was the surly, old neighbor that foamed through get mouth when Jim was forced to read to her. Of course, not all aged women are like that you know. =)

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Good for you. I haven’t read the book in a hundred years. What are you doing this summer, other than planning your road trip?

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The last time I read that was sophomore year- I understand that 100 years can be a long time to remember a novel. =) Well, since you asked, I am playing a lot of basketball and tennis with my friends (you know to add on to my already olive-toned skin). I’m currently enrolled in a reading/ grammar class to improve my SAT scores. Basically, trying to extend my summer and keep senior year on the back of my mind. I got hooked on fluther a few weeks ago and am trying to control my addiction.

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Indy; You can use Fluther to differentiate between elegant prose and low-end English lite.

And you can keep on writing nicely – here as well in your SAT prep class.

My two young friends got back from their 750-mile bike trip, sore, tired, hungry, dirty and really proud of themselves. They weren’t quite careful enough in planning their route. It would have been fine in a car, but they hit traffic and fumes too often, which is not fun on a bike.

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Gail, I will definitely try to use Fluther as a tool for improving my writing skills (my spelling and grammar has surprisingly gotten better). I’m glad to hear that your young friends have reached you in one piece even with sore legs and bruised egos to prove otherwise. 750 miles is quite a journey while sitting on a saddle as you watch people stare back at you with questionable looks. Luckily, my journey will take place in the protective inclosure of a used car. I take it that planning out a sketch of your route is important but not to rely solely on a piece of paper. Sometimes natural instinct and one’s urge can lead to wherever your destined for. Like your friends, we will be required to adapt to setbacks but keep in mind that the prize feels much better than the pain it may cause. Thank you, Gail, for sharing their story with me.

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