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Would you run for office?

Asked by augustlan (47701points) August 7th, 2008

I often wonder if the state of politics today actually discourages the best person for the job from running for office. With all the dirty campaign tactics and the media gauntlet, would you do it?

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Certainly not.

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Sure. If I had the oppurtunity.

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sure, but it wouldn’t be like anything they’ve seen before, with the possible exception of Jesse Ventura.

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I’d have a go at it. I don’t think that the major discouragement is the mudslinging, but it costs quite a pretty penny to even consider running for office. Plus, I’m not old enough for it. I can run for Representative, but not Senate, let alone President.

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No way! My ego isn’t big enough, my wallet isn’t fat enough, and I like my conscience just the way it is. Plus, I’ve never been any good at compromise.

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No. An absurd amount of ridiculous dirt would be dug up on me. And I’d prefer that didn’t happen.

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@girl: Me, too, and I think it’s a shame. That fact alone probably keeps a lot of otherwise well qualified people from answering the call to public service.

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I have thought about running for local office but not sure I could handle people talking shit about me….

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Yes! Babo for president!!!!

Feel free to write me in on your ballots!

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@Babo You have my vote!

I would not run for office, because it is thankless. Elected officials in every walk of life work incredibly long hours, their lives are not their own. Constituents complain about them. Plus all that media crap.

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@dale…that was great! Thanks for the grins.

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no promblemo…

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