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What is best to be used to repair or rub out scratches in the finish of a nice, solid-oak coffee table ?

Asked by Yellowdog (10892points) February 9th, 2017

My grandmother bought a few nice things from the late 1950s to early 1970s, and this is part of at least a two-part set with marble insets. Even though the original finish is in good shape, the wood has gotten scratched in the last move about 18 years ago. I guess I assumed I would just get it repaired later as the move was rather hasty. Getting it in and out of storage did damage.

Not terrible damage—just the kind of damage that made this once very nice furniture look like, well, junk out of someone’s attic—cheap and slightly insulting to be offered.

I hate to refinish because the finish is otherwise in good shape (very clean and nice with just a slight patina from 50 years of use)
and I doubt I could do this good a job.

It seems like at one time you could just rub out scratches such as these. But those may have been cheaper finishes or woods. But I admit I don’t know much about repair and refinishing of furniture.

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