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To female Democrats: can you name one male Republican you find attractive?

Asked by Aster (19679points) February 9th, 2017

I was thinking, while munching on celery sticks, if women on here who are Democrats could ever find even one single Republican male who isn’t repulsive and to be avoided on looks alone? Can any of you name one you find cute or handsome or is the fact that a man is a Republican enough to declare him vomit worthy?

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The problem is, we passed “looks alone” when a political affiliation was mentioned.

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Looks have never been a factor in how I judge politicians, Democrats or Republicans. (OK – except for Elizabeth Warren – she is hawt!)

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WOW. If a male asked a question like this here….....

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No names yet? Be back in a few hours to check.

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I’m a male progressive, and I thought Senator Mark Hatfield was politically and visually attractive.

While the unsightly LBJ, other Democrats, and most other Republicans were escalating the Vietnam War, he opposed it and arms proliferation.

However, the first time I ever voted (June, 1968), it was for anti-VW Democrat Eugene McCarthy.

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Trump. He attracts me to any direction away from him.

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Personally, most politicians of any party are much older than I would be interested in since I am in my mid-20’s.

I probably sound like I’m bullshitting here because I don’t think it’s normal, but I really just don’t develop crushes on people by their appearance. To the point where my friends in high school were flabbergasted when I once described a guy as “kind of hot” because they just weren’t used to me ever commenting on guy’s appearances. It’s once I get to know somebody that I start to even notice, “oh, this guy is attractive.” So I really just sincerely can’t recall ever finding any politician attractive since it isn’t ever something I notice about people I don’t know.

Since attraction for me is very much entwined with liking them as a person I am hard-pressed to imagine myself ever being attracted to a Republican politician unless perhaps they were very moderate (and young). Hard for me to imagine being attracted to anybody who wants to take my rights away.

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Lincoln Chafee was attractive in many ways as a moderate, thoughtful Republican Senator.

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Paul Ryan looks acceptable.

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Oh, and a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Most politicians that come to mind are considerably older than me and not anyone that I would think of in terms of physical attraction. Paul Ryan is a good looking guy.

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I agree that Paul Ryan is good looking although not my type in almost every way imaginable.

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I think Ryan is fairly attractive; a little too thin for my tastes.
Yes; I can see now that, my being elderly, I would tend to think a lot of guys were good looking while the flutherites would consider them funeral fodder. I get it.
Back in the day Bill Clinton was to me , physically, very attractive although a Democrat.

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If I were a woman I’d be mailing my panties to Justin Amash with some regularity.

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^^^ There’s a vivid image.

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The sexiest men are funny men, I’ll go with Al Franken. God knows to be a politician and have a sense of humor is pretty unusual. haha

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