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What would you do if you got an email as described in the following details?

Asked by Brian1946 (27214points) February 9th, 2017

Here’s a quote from the email:

Confirm your address and we’ll ship you the Untraceable Assault Rifle DVD for free today

Would you like to know how a secret group of Americans are building their own AR-15 rifles in their garage completely “off the books?”

That means:

No Paperwork…No Serial Number And 100% Legal

With just a few common tools and and a few hours in your garage you truly can have you own 100% Untraceable Assault Rifle…

Oh, and not to mention you can get everything for FREE right here…

Protect your family, protect your home and keep the Feds off your back after you watch this new DVD…

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I would save it to my “Funny Spam” folder.

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If you’re wondering whether the idea is even possible, it certainly is. But if someone is trying to sell you on some kind of exotic (and expensive) quest, then they’re relying on the readers’ ignorance to do that.

You can google “80% lower receivers” (it’s a safe search, and if it puts you on a government watch list, then your name can go right alongside my own) and start down the same road without so much salesmanship.

It is perfectly and freely possible – and legal – for you to purchase the aforementioned “80% lower receiver”, which means that it is an 80% complete lower receiver for an AR-15 (or for various other types of rifle, instead), which is sold as no more than “a piece of machined aluminum”. Using that piece you could complete the milling and machining yourself and then purchase unregulated other pieces of the rifle: the trigger mechanism, the magazine, the barrel, optics and stock, etc. and assemble your own “un-serialized” and “untraceable” rifle.

It’s perfectly legal. (Depending on how you finish the rifle, it may not be legal per your state laws, but that’s between you and your state legislature. Or prosecutors.)

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Answering will put you on a list. Delete it and step away from the keyboard.

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I’m going to assume this is for giggle since I know you are far too intelligent for that.

Well, since they manage to figure out my email address, which is the underworld’s top secret, I will gladly answer the email. Then I will have my super hacker trace the sender and go finish the bastard, for he knows too much ~

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I wish I had the gumption to just delete this type of email. I always have to reply to them with a few insults and jokes. I have to learn how to stop dealing with these disgusting liars and thieves. Why would they think anyone would believe anything is “free?”

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I was going to forward the email to the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms bureau, but since the only thing the sender offered was a DVD, I just marked it as spam and deleted it.

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@Brian1946 You did exactly the right thing. By marking it spam you also told your email provider. If enough people do that spam filters willb e adjusted to

Now I have to get busy answering an email I got from a Nigerian price offering a percentage of 10.6 million dollars he has hidden in a bank the US. The poor guy needs my help and knows I am a Christian and therefore am trustworthy. It must be true – he blessed me in the name of Jesus.

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