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In US law, what is the statute of limitations for slander?

Asked by kritiper (20544points) February 9th, 2017

Is it a felony?

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In the US, slander is a civil offense, not a criminal offense.

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Like most things in the US, it varies by state. Here is a list of each state’s statute of limitations. And while defamation is typically a civil offense, there are some states with criminal defamation laws. Here is a state-by-state compilation of those laws, most of which specify the crime as a felony or a misdemeanor (again, it varies).

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So if the person slandered wanted to file suit, the possibility of a suit might depend on how long ago the slandering occurred?

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the possibility of a suit might depend on how long ago the slandering occurred?

Yes, determined by the laws of the state where suit is filed.

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Yes. And as said above, it goes state by state. Also, the burden of proof is more difficult in the US than in other countries because of our well-defined First Amendment.

Here is the evidence you’ll need.

Generally, defamation is a tort. This is about the statute of limitations concerning torts. Therein you will find the conditions for which the statute of limitations can be waived.

These are guidelines common to all State laws concerning defamation.

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@kritiper In civil suits, damages are awarded based on harm. So if a plaintiff waits years, there is less harm that can be demonstrated, and this the damages will be minimal.

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Great answers. Thanks!

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