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Who do you think would win in a fist fight Obama or McCain?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 7th, 2008

nothing against them but seeing as there are games made like bush shootout it couldn’t hurt to ask if it offends anyone i apologize.

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Hillary would win.

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McCain spent 1,966 days (almost 5 1/2 years) as a Vietnamese POW, I don’t think obamaboy would faze him.

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I think Obama would kick McCains butt. I know I could make a whitty remark here but I just can’t think of anything.

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I think if McCain was younger he might win, but he’s not. So Obama it is.

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McCain would probably break a hip or something, but Obama doesn’t look like much of a fighter either. I agree with PnL; Hillary could take them both.

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Hillary is not an option nothing against women.

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you know you to look at it in stereotypical sort of way McCain served, and well Obama is….....different.

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That’s not really fair right? A grandfatherly guy against a 40ish man? No way McCain wins.

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I say experience counts more than youth. That and endurance and pain tolerance…no way McCain loses there.

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Cmon, McCain is 72 for pete’s sake. What’s he going to do, bash Obama over the head with his walker?

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fight dirty, use whatever weapon is at hand, and don’t walk away if there’s a chance your opponent could get up and whack you in the back of the head. I could see that attitude in McCain, not in Obama…he’d want to talk it over. Sorry, I just sense weakness in him. Keep the change.

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Ohhhh! wack-wack-wack! besides a dirty fight…...........sorry i had to just picture that and some how i don’t know how Hilary got there but in my head she stands on both their corpses, strange.

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Obama still has muscle and stamina and I think McCain could only take injury, However, McCain probably knows a little about fighting where I can imagine Obama knows little about guarding or footwork.

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Guys, guys, guys. Obama would obviously win. He’s got so much knowledge about Constitutional law that he could just imaginate (yes I know imaginate is not a word) a very large, printed version of the U.S. Constitution repeatedly beating McCain senseless before the man could even begin to remember his POW skills. Plus, McCain wasn’t a marine, like this guy

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I’m….Hahahaha…I’m not.hahahah talking about the constitution but thanks for sharing that all the same.Lol

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i think mccain would break his hip while stretching before the fight

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aw that’s realistically mean:)

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Wow. Talking it over is weak? That explains a lot about Americans.

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also, if obama hit that tumor on the side of mccains face, it could easily explode, also ending the fight

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Well good night folks see you later i guess, had a good laugh pleasant dreams i know i will. :)zzzz

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Obama smokes so i’d say that would probably make him and McCain about even…....
$20 on McCain…......

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hey faery, the question was about a fight. It IS how we started this country….by whooping the world’s most highly trained army with a bunch of farmboys and rednecks.

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I think it depends. Is it a knock down, dragout fight, or are there strict rules? If there are no rules, I suspect McCain would fight dirty, or at least dirtier. I can see him picking up a chair and breaking it over Obama’s head, I can’t see Obama doing the same to McCain. Could McCain catch him? Maybe, even for a 72 year old man he seems to be in reasonable shape. But compared to Obama he’s short, and Obama is fairly athletic himself (though McCain is more “built”). I think Obama could outrun McCain, because of a) the height differential and b) the natural competitive advantage inherent in the structure of the afro vs. anglo man (and I’m not being racist by saying something stupid like blacks are better runners, I’m saying physiologically there is indeed a mechanical advantage for Obama, but even if there isn’t, the height differential means Obama has longer legs if nothing else). I suspect Obama would run if he saw McCain pick up that chair.

So, I think in a no holds barred match, it really depends on strategy. If Obama adopted a mostly defensive, tire him out strategy, absolutely he could win. I think Obama is far more crafty and able to think on his feet than is McCain. Just think about when McCain was asked if he thought it was fair for insurance companies to cover Viagra but not birth control, he essentially told reporters he couldn’t remember his own position on the issue and they should check his voting record! I think Obama could find creative ways to avoid McCain so he could make easy work out of him, and would then be able to go in for a clean kill. But I think McCain could take Obama if he got in a lucky shot or if Obama didn’t bring his A game strategy.

Now, if it were a strictly regulated event, no hitting below the belt and such, given Obama’s finess for working the system and understanding every fine detail of any given set of rules, and McCain’s proclivity towards short temper, Obama would be able to get inside McCain’s head and make him cross the line, and Obama would have him disqualified. Of course, again, McCain could still get in a good shot or two before it would matter. His biggest problem however would be again the height differential. Even if Obama had to engage him hand to hand, if it were say a boxing match, McCain would have a hard time landing one across Obama’s face (he’s quite a bit taller), but Obama would have access to just about anywhere a boxer would hit, and would indeed have a hard time hitting below the belt.

I think advantage Obama, about 65/35, pretty much the same as the election.

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I guess that’s what Jesus would do.

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what would jesus do??

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I think Obama would win. McCain looks kinda ill and pastey to me. But I wonder who would win if Hillary and Paris Hilton duked it out?? ha ha!!

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