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Are you the same person as your digital avatar?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) February 11th, 2017

Do you follow the same values / principles as you express here or some other sites? Have you observed any difference in the way you express yourself at both places?

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Saw the pic in a history magazine and I liked it. That’s about it, I’m otherwise nothing like Joan of Arc.

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Yes, I am both a bit of a misfit and like to wear a raincoat and purple hat. On Facebook, I wear a hat and my glasses and take on a more catlike appearance. I think they are very representative of the real me.

Personality wise, I am how I present myself here. I couldn’t really be bothered to try to manufacture a new persona, and I’d never be able to keep it up.

@Berserker, in my mind you are more like Lagertha the shield maiden. Tall, blonde, statuesque and a warrior.

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Yep- my given name is actually Aurora Brianalis.

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Edit – just one clarification. By digital avatar I don’t want to limit it to the image you have chosen here on Fluther but overall in virtual world the way you express yourself may be on different sites also. I’m talking about that digital avatar / character you portray. Does it match the real you? That’s my question.

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I am the real me on the ‘net. More than half the things I say on the net I wouldn’t dare saying in real life. I woildn’t call muself fake in any way: what I do and say is me without a doubt, real life or not, but I am certainly more free behind the anonimity.
It’s the charm of the internet; it gives you a strange kind of freedom you’d never get otherwise.

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^^That’s true..You may not be able to talk openly in reality so much so you can here..But at least you’re expressing what really you’re. That’s more important.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeh.

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I think I’ve covered this in my profile but “The opinions expressed in the answers posted by lightlyseared may or may not be representative of the actual opinions of anyone either living or dead”

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Of Course.

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I’m the real me on Fluther. You have seen my fair share of opinions that you can’t imagine belonging to a real-life person. How would anyone think if they saw a 21-year-old girl with a morbid taste for film-noir, an interest in darker side of the world, and a strong dislike to things other people enjoy?

That’s the reason why I stay here for so long. Fluther is a safe place for my real self to come out.

On other sites, I try to hide my identity as much as possible.

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Dash it all old bean, i’m absolutely nothing like that ghastly common creature pictured in the teeny weeny boxette, one positively shudders to think of such a slur on the family name.

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I’m me everywhere.

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I’m very consistent. I have too much else going on to expend energy trying to keep a particular persona up. The closest I get to behaving differently is in front of customers at work, since I’m not allowed to curse – but that’s really the only thing.

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No, I do actually appreciate science, most of the time.

But if we’re talking personality, then pretty much, albeit probably more blunt online.

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I’m me. The same mostly unedited human I am in the real world.

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There is a difference between me here and on Facebook. I definitely am more blunt and revealing here.
Regarding Butters, I have often been accused of being a goodie-goodie. In real life, my first girlfriend called me Superman, while actually meaning to call me Clark Kent, because I didn’t swear, drink, or use drugs (I have since developed quite the potty mouth), which is consistent with Butters.

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Yep, I’m a very genuine sort, what you see, hear, is what you get.

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I wish I were a majestic jellyfish. But alas, I am a human female.

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Yup – I’m the same for good or ill.

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I actually censor myself a bit. In real life I curse much more, and am fairly vulgar.

I try to behave when in the pond. It’s a respect thing.

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Well, since I’ve flown about a hundred since joining, I’d have to say it’s a “no” regarding my current avatar. It’s just an idea of what happens when you let a 4-year old fly an airplane! (My granddaughter, in a plane simulator at Exploration Place a couple of weeks ago.)....or…maybe it’s even an allusion to Trump. IDK.

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I’m pretty much what you see here on Fluther. Although I only wish i could be like my avatar here – a heavy drinking, chain smoking, morphine addicted chess grandmaster.

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@Darth_Algar Looking from afar, I thought it was some old elf…

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Not really, in real life or the few (very few) other online venues I use I do not blow the place up leaving it full of radiation wiping out those who dare venture in the area.

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@Earthbound_Misfit I’m all of that, except the blond hair XD

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I’m not a bullshitter. I say what I feel with respect for those around me. I can express my thoughts without being an asshole.

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I’m different online than IRL but I would argue the online one is the “realer” me – I speak my mind more and worry about politeness less.

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@Darth_Algar You described him very well, y’know. I copied the “a heavy drinking, chain smoking, morphine addicted chess grandmaster.” part to Google and got his name immediately.

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