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Is this outfit look ok for an ice skating date outside?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (165points) February 12th, 2017

Hi, I’m not really a winter person but I’m wondering if this would keep me warm and look at least reasonably nice for my date I have! We will be skating outside then going to a pub for drinks and a meal!

Thanks for your advice.

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There appear to be multiple outfits in that image. Which one were you thinking?

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That’s just one outfit! Those are my layers!

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Oh wow! If anything, you’ll be overdressed. Remember that you may break a sweat doing a physically rigorous activity like ice-skating.

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Way too much clothing. Skip the white pants and the white top and the black overcoat hoody.

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I feel like this exact question was asked a few years ago.

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Where are you going skating? Antarctica?

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They all look OK to me. But I think all ice skaters should go nude. It would cut down on the waiting time.

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Unless you are skating outdoors in -40C weather you will shortly be too hot and overheated.
Fortunately there are plenty of layers so you can take off a few when you get indoors.

Please don’t worry about the clothes. The guy is much more interested in you rather than how you dress – especially in the winter .

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Exactly. I would do fleece-lined leggings, a base layer top like UnderArmour or something similar, a fleece or some other pullover and a sensible winter coat. Hat and gloves and you’re good to go. You probably already have these things in your wardrobe so don’t go spending tons of money for a date outfit.

Nothing fancy, in fact if you overdress you may give the impression that you’re high-maintenance or self-conscious. (I know, I know, there’s a lot of gendered dogma to unwrap in that. But let’s save that for another day.)

Keep it simple and have fun!

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@LeavesNoTrace Are you sure only 1 pair of leggings? I wear leggings under my jeans every day and that’s when I’m inside most of the day lol… if I’m out in the cold, my legs will be two little icicles!

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@XiaoMandyX If that’s the case, maybe a pair of fleece-lined tights under a pair of jeans? I live in the Northeastern U.S. and that’s what I often wear out and about in the winter.

If you don’t mind me asking, what part of the world are you in?

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What about just a thick sweater and the jacket with the hood? Maybe some earmuffs instead of the hat. Maybe one thin pair of leggings under some thicker pants.

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