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Edit… Not rolling the dice about his vaprfg.

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I think I would rather shake his hand than a tentacle.

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He’s way too aggressve. I would stay as far away as possible from a crazy fuck like that.

LOL. Did you see the look on the Japanese priime minister when Trump finally let go of his hand yesterday? That was a major eyeroll. Hillarious. He totally freaked the PM out. I’m telling you Trump is coked out of his head or taking way too much of a prescription mood elevator. I’ve never seen mania like this without drugs. The dude is fucking nuts.

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Trump doesn’t like to shake hands, he has said it many times over the years. That clip is edited to make it worse than it is. Still, Trump needs to fake it better. maybe he is trying to get out of the shake fast? Trying to pull away? Trying to be the alpha and control the shake?

I’m with Trump, I much prefer the Japanese bow to the western handshake. I still can shake hands without being a spaz though. Unless, I’m caught very off guard, then you might be able to tell I really didn’t want to shake your hand. I think my grip and facial expression can give it away.

@Espiritus_Corvus Maybe he needs to be medicated. I think that’s more likely.

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Like he’s trying to jerk you off. Maybe the problem is that Melania is in NY and he needs to do something to relieve the pressure of blue balls?

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It kind of seems like a dominance display.

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Definitely a display dominance. He has it all over this guy. He immediately throws him off balance and pulls him into him. He’s got the guy totally off balance in less than second and talking down to him, not listening, totally projecting. And check out where his left hand is—not only does he have the guy at a total disadvantage, but Trump is claiming his wife, both literally and figuratively using her as leverage. I know this language very well. Trump has bulldozed them both. The only proper response at this point is to break Trump’s jaw, put him on the ground, or the game won’t change. But they can’t do that and Trump knows it. This is what a bully looks like. Male on male gorilla behaviour..

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He must have skipped another etiquette briefing. Sheesh. If I could do anything to prevent the Canadian prime minister from meeting him, I would do it.

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God, it’s so uncomfortable to watch.

GA, @Espiritus. I didn’t notice that about the wife.

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^^I don’t know about that, Bella. Trudeau is a bag full of surprises to me, as was his father. Trudeau is watching these displays, too. Trudeau came from wealth, power, education and culture. He may do the ultimate white guy thing on him and, in body language alone, make Trump look like the scared little boy who was never good enough that he really is. Trudeau is much more secure in his status than Trump.

Go back and look at the final handshake when Trump met Obama on Inauguration Day at the White House. Trump looked down during that handshake, his would not meet Obama’s. Trump know who his betters are. He is intimidated by them. Obama wasn’t just the outgoing president. He is more of a gentleman, better educated and made a success of himself without his father’s help. Don’t think Trump isn’t aware of these things. These are sore spots, weak spots in his armour.

If I was one of Trudeau’s advisors, I’d be studying that tape with him right now. The whole world will be watching, and believe, they will be rooting for the Canadian. These handshake clips are all over the net, all over the world.

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@JLeslie Have a look at this and make excuses for it if you can.

This explains what he’s doing: Yank and Pull: This handshake is considered a power play, as it’s when a person decides to grab your arm and pull you in close towards them and inside their territory/personal space. There are three possible reasons for this: firstly the person may be feeling insecure and needs you to be in their own territory in order to feel comfortable and safe, or secondly they come from a culture/city that requires smaller space needs, or finally, they want to take control and get you off balance. In any of these cases, they should be considered manipulative because the persons wants things done a certain way.

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@Espiritus_Corvus – I’m not worried about Mr. Trudeau. I just don’t want any hint of Canadian support for anything Mr. Trump has been doing since his inauguration. It’s not like Mr. Trudeau will be getting my vote but he does represent Canada.


The photo shoot situation with the Japanese prime minister was awful. Doesn’t Mr. Trump (or any of his advisors) know what bad manners it is to stare at people in the Japanese culture? The guy seems like such a socially inept bumpkin. Listening to his own translators might have helped – Mr. Trump would probably realized that a translator didn’t want him to stare.

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@cazzie I don’t need to look at anything more. No excuses, I said it was terrible. He needs to fake it better, that’s what I said. He looks like an idiot. Jesus, the the clip is obviously edited to make it look as bad as possible. There is no need for that. He looks bad without the editing. This is the shit that gives the right wingers the ability to dismiss any and all things the democrats say, and to not listen at all. If they did it to Hillary or Bernie or Obama, I’d be saying the same. That it’s unnecessary to make people look as bad as possible. We can keep it genuine and honest and have plenty to criticize Trump, including his handshake.

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God Trump’s transparent. And the worst part, in my mind, is that I think he genuinely believes he’s subtle and successful with these so-called “tactics.”—Well, sorry; “tactic.”

On the other hand, if I knew how to play poker…

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@JLeslie—I can appreciate what your saying, and I’ve heard many people who support Trump saying people aren’t giving him a fair chance, etc… At the same time, like you said, “it was terrible,” and Trump “looks bad without editing.” And it wasn’t like someone took a single frame of Trump’s face making a weird in-between expression—the clip got the entire handshake. I don’t think the clip made it worse than it was. I think the clip just pointed it out.

People have made gifs and laughed over Obama’s awkward moments, too. Recently and

And there are whole articles tallying up awkward handshakes/awkward moments, like this one: (which features Obama three times out of six.)

The problem is that Trump is getting a fair chance, but the discussion keeps getting turned into how “unfair” people are being, how “differently” he’s being treated—he’s not, he’s just being held to the same legal and social rules that we expect all major political leaders to follow. I don’t know if it’s an orchestrated conversation (Bannon’s good at those) or just what’s happening in the “ether,” or just what gets caught in the news…. but it’s not an all-against-Trump, and it hasn’t been. He’s not the victim of bad press he’s pretending to be.

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Maybe he’s overcompensating for the his alleged “tiny hand” syndrome.

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@Soubresaut I’m hoping the democrats can be better than the republicans. That we don’t need to make fun of him or spread lies or put stuff out there that we look like mean spirited haters. There is plenty Trump does that is a problem. I’m not worried about Trump being a victim, I’m worried about my country.

Saying “they do it too,” or “they did it first,” is exactly what democrats and the media criticized Trump for. Remember when he did that when he responded to Ted Cruz about his wife? Everyone accused them of behaving like school children.

Trump is an idiot for responding to any of it. Handshakes, anything. He is too easily offended and his ego is ridiculous.

I’m so tired of this. Michael Moore tried to explain it too. No one listened.

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I have never seen or experienced a handshake like this before in my life. It is quite disrespectful. I think Trump uses this handshake to intimidate people. It is almost an assault.

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I’d have to assume that they were a big Debbie Gibson fan…

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The handshake with Abe was just too long as they held it for the cameras.

The funny part was when Trump didn’t hear what the photographers said (or maybe it was Japanese)

Trump: What did they say?
Abe: Look at me, please look at me?
Trump: leans in and stares at Abe

It was the ‘walk this way’ bit from Young Frankenstein!

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Agree with the dominance crowd here.

Some life coach, or someone probably taught the tactic to Trump long ago. I imagine that it’s supposed to be much more subtle, but Trump is over doing it.

The fact that the Japanese PM broke his professional poker face ,showing disdain after he was let go, speaks volumes as to how other leaders perceive Trump. For Trump to have the audacity to use a car salesman trick on a world leader is yet further evidence of his total inability to understand any part of his job as POTUS.

I thought I would have gotten used to Trump by now. I thought his extreme behavior would have cooled down as he settled in. He’s just dead set on making himself look bad. He seems addicted to making piss poor decisions.

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What many are saying in this thread is correct. This behavior is a form of aggression. It’s so transparent it’s laughable. Only childish, weak individuals need to use it.

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There are clips of leaders making sure they are the last one in a room, how deep they bow to another, all sorts of male ego bullshit. Usually, it’s more subtle.

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Aggressive. Controlling. Demanding. Pulling you in whether you want to or not.

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I am wondering if any one of you, if it were any body else, would have thought it could be involuntary. I’m not saying I think it is, but ya’ll are stomping a man to the ground for what could be a disability.
As for the shake with Abe
@Call_Me_Jay is correct. The press are urging them to hold for pictures. At the end, after asking Abe what they said, he commented that Abe has a strong grip.
Handshakes between world leaders always last long for the photo ops.
What a pack of… no I won’t.
I wonder what sort of lives you must have.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Trudeau is watching these displays, too…If I was one of Trudeau’s advisors, I’d be studying that tape with him right now.

LOL Justin Trudeau isn’t falling for it.

Earlier today

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LOL @Call_Me_Jay! Ugh. It would gross me out to even touch him.

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@Dutchess_III At least while he’s shaking your hand you know where his hand is.

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@Espiritus_Corvus “Trudeau is watching these displays, too…If I was one of Trudeau’s advisors, I’d be studying that tape with him right now.”

Hah. It would appear that they did.

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Honestly, the word “rapey” comes to mind when watching all of these videos.

Every person he subjects to this “handshake” is forced into prolonged, uncomfortable physical contact with him from which they are released only at his will.

But Donald Trump is a rapist, so there’s no surprise there.

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@Patty_Melt Could be involuntary? Well, it might be conditioned at this point, or maybe subconscious, but even if it’s completely unconscious, it still shows that he’s quite off the scale in hand-shaking as he is in so many other areas: egocentric, insensitive, going for cheap dominance tactics.

Check out this one with his own Supreme Court nomination:

Human touch can be quite an interesting subject. It tends to open up lots of connection and empathy… which for a dire narcissist is a bit of an issue.

I’ve men many men whose insecurity and defensiveness and/or aggression translates to their handshakes, and this looks like a pretty extreme and obvious case of that. Trying to yank someone towards you forces you to either respond or not respond, neither of which is a great option in the mind of the narcissist or the dominance-minded. For more peaceful mindsets, it’s a jerk move and a sign of danger.

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Wow @Zaku. The guy wanted to literally pull Trump’s hand out of his. WHAT a jerk Trump is.

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At best I’d say he has a warped sense of direction. Handshaking is mostly an up and down motion, but apparently he thinks it’s supposed to be back and forth.

If the simian deposit squatting on his skull is considered, it could be that he’s an atavistic orangutan who fell out of the family tree, because his hands were too small to grip the branches. I’d love to see him try that move with one of his evolutionary superiors. If he did, his new nickname might be lefty. ;-)

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I like the “assuring?” pats he gives, too. I can only begin to imagine what impression that makes on the experienced justice, or foreign leaders…

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@Zaku talk about mixed signals.

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He is aggressive and threatening in every thing that he does.

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@Brian1946 on behalf of orangutans everywhere, I am insulted and offended that you would compare this gentle, intelligent species to the epitome of malevolent cretinism that is Donald Trump.

For shame, sir.

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I agree with your comparative portrayals, which is why I said “atavistic orangutan”, and “evolutionary superior”.

It’s because of his malevolent cretinism and his use of an orange wig in a failed attempt to disguise himself as an orangutan, that he was denied entry up their family tree.

Perhaps his sociopathic handshakes are misguided attempts to get back at the tree-dwellers who rejected him.

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Lol I’ve seen zombies less aggressive than that.

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… awkward lol

I would think that they might have a mental illness. That in no way means I am jabbing at people who have a mental illness. But it is worrying that a person with a mental illness is running a coutnry.

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Someone who tries to be affectionate with me while we are not actually that close. Perhaps he did that to create his own signature handshake, hopefully others won’t soon follow.

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I still think the arm-jerk looks involuntary to me. Having my own involuntary muscle spasms maybe makes it a more realistic possibility to me than those who have never had the experience.
A touch from someone else can easily trigger the spasm. For me, it tends mostly in one leg. If someone touches me on the shoulder, the leg is still where the spasm occurs.
I think people are nit picking someone for something they know nothing about.
It could be a power play, but it could be not.
Shame on you for judging. Non of you should ever be on a jury. You are way to quick to convict without facts.

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You can clearly see in the video @Call_Me_Jay posted of the meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister that occurred yesterday that Trump tries to yank Trudeau forward about 4½ seconds into the handshake, but Trudeau holds his ground. Trump obviously and unabashedly knows what he’s doing. It’s not an involuntary movement.

Unless involuntary muscular spasms can occur exclusively during specific activities, like while engaged in a handshake, there is no chance that that’s what’s happening here.

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Given that Mr. Trump has different handshakes for different people, it’s pretty clear that he knows exactly what he’s doing (trying to do). A jerk doing the jerk.

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Mr. Trudeau physically holding back the jerk and pull was lovely. Elegant and strong.

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@BellaB it’s funny to think that Trudeau probably spent some time practicing that handshake with an aide acting as a stand-in for Trump.

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My ex thought a “firm” handshake was very important. As a result he practically freaking crushed your hand when he shook it. It was yet another manifestation of his insecurities. Trump is simply trying to be intimidating and “powerful.” As long as the other guy’s hand was hurting it would distract him from other things.

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“A jerk doing the jerk.”

Good one.

This may have occurred at a time before and in a land where you weren’t born, but in the early 60’s there was a dance called the Jerk.

Perhaps we can create a new dance based on his handshake (or hand-yank) and call it the Trump.

Also, there can be a new definition of yankee- anyone who has had the misfortune of being greeted by Trump. ;-)

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Trump Yank!

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