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How much Gold does the typical human body possess in its members?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) February 13th, 2017

If you have a human being without dental work, what is the total expected content of Au floating around inside our body as part of the mineral composition of our bodies? Is there more in seawater?

Is there an animal that has more naturally occurring deposits of gold inside it than any other animal?

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Gold isn’t needed by the human body but the average human has around 0.004 parts per billion in their blood. The amount of gold found in human hair varies from 0.8 to 430 ppb. Marine animals have less gold in them than terrestrial animals. You can find out more here

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So, pretty much the whole human race has about 2 oz?

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Wikipedia gives a better figure to work with, two times ten to the power minus seven kilogrammes. Multiplying this by the population of the earth which is about 7.5 billion gives you 1,500kg of gold which is worth quite a lot of money these days.

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^^ Question here would be how do you extract it from those 7.5 billion people..)

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