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What are the best places to visite on Feb 14th?

Asked by indianeagle (4points) February 14th, 2017

If you are single this Valentine’s Day and want to get away from all the cozy couples, What are your best options, Which place is best and which Travel agency’s are best to book tickets?

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It’s a little late to be booking tickets for Valentine’s Day since it’s already Valentine’s Day.

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The room, with a soft blanket, warm drink, and a good book/movie.

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Club Med. And who needs a travel agent? Easier and faster to book on line.

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Uninhabited hilltop, VERY warm cozy sleeping bag, tent, campfire, and about four pounds of marshmallows. No smores, that is not an alone thing.
Get one of those nice round tents, with a floor, and plenty of space. Don’t bring some dinky little pointy top you have to crawl in and out of. You don’t want demeaning living quarters.

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Ha ha! Well, you just got opposite ends of a spectrum. I guess that tells you, the world’s the limit.

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Library, “as long as one studies hard, then wealth, high-paying jobs, and beautiful women will all come his way.”

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Top 10 places to visit for singles on February 14
1. Kasol
2. Jodhpur
3. Rishikesh
4. Rann of Kutch
5. Mcleod Ganj
6. Pondicherry
7. Goa
8. Cherrapunji
9. Bandhavgarh National Park
10. Gulmarg.

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