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What time of day do you most often use your microwave?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) February 14th, 2017

What time of day, month and/or year do you use your microwave most often? In what context (ex: heating up breakfast, reheating leftovers after Thanksgiving? etc.)

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My microwave is a glorified timer. I use it to time my tea every morning. I warm things in it about once a week.

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Usually leftovers in the evening. Sometimes I zap a cup of coffee in the morning if it has gone coldish sitting around for a bit. I also use it to cook the occasional frozen dinner, like a Lean Cuisine.

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I don’t have one.

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Afternoon and evening. Leftovers or frozen. Usually heating up vegetables if it isn’t some sort of frozen meal. I’d say veggies about 4 days a week, frozen meal maybe twice a week. Leftovers 3 times a week. Add that all up and I use my microwave pretty much every day at least once.

In the colder weather I sometimes use it for a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

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evening, almost exclusively.

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Many times per day. All day.
I’ll nuke the butter for 9 seconds to soften it up so I can spread it on toast.
I warm the milk and triple sec before I add coffee.
I warm my coffee that I forgot to finish at breakfast
I cook scrambled eggs in a mug.
I nuke frozen waffles before putting them in the toaster.
Nuke potatoes for 5 minutes before slicing them with the mandolin and frying.

I use the timer to remind me I left the air compressor on, or the epoxy setting, or…
I use the clock to tell the time.
The microwave gets used many, many, times per day.

Here is a short, 90 second video by Daniel Koren for your viewing pleasure: The Microwave

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In the early evening I often microwave meals I have cooked previously and frozen.

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8:30 PM 3–4 times a week…90 seconds on high for a single serve bag of popcorn I will share with the dog.

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MY microwave is generally used in the evenings, most evenings. Sometimes I cook in it, sometimes reheat leftovers, and sometimes just use the timer for stovetop cooking or baking / roasting.

At work I use the microwave most weekdays at around 11:30 – noon or so to reheat something for lunch.

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Different times of the day. My daughter might use it to make her breakfast. I will use it to heat baked beans or leftovers for my lunch. We use it when cooking dinner. We’d probably use it every day.

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I use it to cook frozen vegetables for dinner when I’m feeling lazy, and it functions as a baking timer.

Other than that, it’s only used when hubby or the little boy are making something for themselves to eat.

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I’m not sure, I rarely use it. I guess maybe lunchtime seems logical. That’s when I’m most likely to heat up leftovers.

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I usually heat leftovers in the evening in the microwave and cook frozen vegetables and make the occasional popcorn in it but other than that, I don’t use it for anything else.

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It is 9:50 AM. So far I used my microwave:
To warm a thick slice of ham for breakfast
Rewarm my coffee, twice.
Set the timer to remind me to shut off the water to the fish pond.
Set timer to remind me to shut off the compressor
I looked at the clock at least half a dozen time.


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If we include using the microwave as a timer, I do that too. For some reason the timer on the microwaves always are easier to work than the ones on the conventional ovens. I used to trust myself to keep track of time, but not anymore. I probably use it as a timer at least once almost every day.

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