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Can I add a picture to my questions on here?

Asked by buttocks (15points) February 14th, 2017

I want to ask a question but I need a picture and I don’t know if I can do that

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You can put one picture in your avatar. Or you can put a link to a picture online.

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You can, but you’ll have to link to another website the image is posted at. You can’t post images directly here.
You can’t post images here, but you can link to an image, is what I’m saying.

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You could upload it to a site like and link it in your question, but we don’t allow for direct upload of images other than your avatar image.

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It shouldn’t be a picture of your buttocks. Just in case…

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We did have a member whose avatar was a butt with the world map drawn on it.

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I can see most jellies using imgur to show pics they want to share. Is there any connection between Fluther and that site?

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No, it’s just one of the better image upload sites out there right now.

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@chyna If you search wundayatta in the search bar you can still see it.

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Alas not, you can do bunny shadows though…cheeky ;-}

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haha..I’m just wondering if there are any restrictions for choosing username or not?

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The bane of my existence here.

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Unfortunately, no. The one negative thing about this site.

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