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If I set the oven for 2 hrs after preheating, will it shut off automatically after 2 hrs?

Asked by RJM (43points) February 14th, 2017

Semi – retired guy who is green at cooking and no one around to ask. Just don’t want to burn the house down!

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I would find the model number of the stove and look for a user manual online.

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The above answer is what thought, read the manual. Not all timers shut the oven off, some are just dumb timer not hooked up to anything else but a bell or buzzer.

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You could also test it out quickly by setting it for a shorter time, like 10 minutes.

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Doing a test would have been a good idea but the food is now in and I am hanging to be sure it is off before I leave the house.

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How long were you going to be gone without refrigerating the cooked food ?

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Doing short ribs via Betty Crocker and the 9×13 inch pan is covered with tin foil. After 2 hrs it said to remove the foil and cook for ~ 20mins more but will do that after yoga.

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If you’re using a “Timed Bake” setting on the oven, and if the oven is working properly, and if you know the general process / procedure and if you follow that correctly, then yes, the oven will shut off afterward.

However, it’s up to you to answer all of the “if” conditions that I’ve raised. If you’re not using “Timed Bake” (or whatever such setting applies on your equipment), then no, the oven will not shut off when it reaches the set temperature. That is, it won’t “shut off and stay off”. When the oven reaches the set temperature then it will shut off temporarily until the oven temperature drops somewhat below the set temperature, then turn on again, and so forth until you turn the thing off for good.

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The oven is a Kenmore Elite and the Timer is marked “Timer Set/Off”. So I turned the oven on while preparing the ingredients (sp?) then it beeped to let me know it was up to temp. Then I put in the food and set the timer. I am set now (2 hrs are up) but have to say you have all been very kind to respond as this is my first time using this platform and first time trying something outside my scope of abilities. Thank you!

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Timer on most ovens usually means that it’ll beep after that amount of time, but not that the oven will turn off. I hope things work out for you!!

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@RJM Come back and let us know. I have the same oven but have never tested it. And welcome to Fluther. Please stick around and ask more questions. We enjoy new folks.

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Next time use a “slow cooker” like a Crock-Pot® for short ribs or get a smoker. Hope you enjoy the ribs.

Welcome to Fluther

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Okay so the answer is…..the clock beeps to let you know time is up. It did not turn off the oven. But since the range is an “Elite” I am sure there must be some way to have it shut off the oven as well. The slow cooker is a good idea and I have a smoker but there is currently ~ 2 feet of snow on the ground here! The ribs turned out pretty well
(if I do say so myself). Thanks again & Peace!

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Without knowing exactly which Kenmore Elite stove you have, it’s not going to be possible to say “here is your answer”, but …

In this instruction manual the “Cook Time” function does what you want (Item #15 on Page 17).

Welcome to Fluther. RTFM

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Thanks for the link CWOTUS!

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Welcome to Fluther @RJM! Going to bring us some ribs?

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HA!! About once per year we buy part of a side of beef from a girl I went to high school with who has a small farm and these short ribs are always the last things to be eaten. However in this case; the ribs have been consumed!

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