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What is the significance of Ben?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) August 7th, 2008

I just found out that my Mayan Astrological sign is Ben, Pillar of Lights. But I don’t know anything else about it. Can someone help?

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Ben: the name of one of fluther’s illustrious founders. You should be so proud, Tim.
(heeheheeheeheee, sorry, i just had to say that)

Would you mind giving a link to the astrological calculator? I’m sure a lot of flutherers would be interested in finding out about Mayan Astrology (especially if their sign is etznab)

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I think Ben is lucky he was named after a Mayan deity.

You can hover over the ring calendar and see descriptions for the various signs. If you want to calculate your sign using your birthdate, use this link

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When I read the question I thought you might be dissing on of the co-founders just because he doesn’t show up in threads as often other co-founder. Glad that’s not the case.
Is there a Mayan astrological sign for Andrew?

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Benjamin – Hebrew, means Son of my right hand

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Ben = always one step ahead of everyone else.

Just don’t break the rules.

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Ben = whatever you want it to be.

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