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Have manners changed?

Asked by LornaLove (9931points) February 15th, 2017

This was inspired by an earlier question, of which I can’t remember how to link.

Are manners in general important to you? Can you think of any manners that are expected of you in your area/country that seem random that we might find interesting?

Do you miss just regular manners, like ‘good morning’ or being acknowledged in the street (for example).

Do you think that ‘manners maketh the man’ or should I say, person!

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I’m not a big fan of manners. Some manner is necessary, but I just don’t like it when manners become fake. You can have excellent manners, but if you are not sincere then I’m not OK with you. Maybe it’s just me who values the inner quality too much. I do fake things sometimes, but I can be honest with my manners. I can greet at people while walking and really mean to say hello, not out of politeness.

Sadly, my culture is rather obsessed with what can be easily seen. Assholes can easily use good manners to fool people into believing they are good people, while people who refuse to put up with fakeness find themselves being pecked. And we generally like people who are talkative, use “flowery” words and know how to flatter, something that some honest people fail to do. Another reason for me to value sincerity over fake manners.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

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I think manners are important for the survival of a community, which is essentially important for the survival of individuals. Manners and mores shift from culture to culture, and era to era. What was appropriate as recently as 25 years ago is not the same now.
The basics stay necessary, we need to get along with those around us, but the more elaborate types of acknowledgment and obligation are starting to phase out, not a totally bad thing, IMO.

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Manners haven’t changed, it’s just that fewer and fewer people have them.

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Good manners are a way of showing respect to others and I think they are very important. You just have to look those Internet comments sites where manners are lacking to see how awful humanity can be without them.

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Of course. Manners change, appear, disappear and reappear generationally. They will forever be changing.

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I think they’re very important. But that’s just me. Seems like politeness and manners have been replaced with selfishness and the sense that no one is as important as yourself.

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Times change, manners change but the basic concepts of helpfulness, civility and deference remain.

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I insist the housestaff bow whenever I enter the room & if any of them have the audacity to fart as they do so, well…you can guess the rest.

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Um…you stick a gerbil up their butt?

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…& waste a perfectly good meal?

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