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Give me organizing tricks for my home?

Asked by veronicavv (1points) August 8th, 2008
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I’ve plugged this before… but… read Getting Things Done. It really helped me 1. organize the crap coming in my life and 2. deal specifically with the mess that was my desk.

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More specifics, please… What are you wanting to organize – your bedroom? desk? kitchen? Help us help you.

Oh, and I absolutely second the call to read Getting Things Done by David Allen. I helped people organize using my own concepts before I read it… and after I read it I let go of the rest and mostly teach David Allen’s stuff. It couldn’t make more sense.

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Buy a label maker! You can never go wrong with a label maker…..

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@cheeb: Love my label maker!

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I’ve not read the Dave Allen book, but I h ave experienced FlyLady. Her site is Now, I say this cautiously as she is definitely not for everyone. I don’t subscribe any longer, but I did get some good day-to-day home organization ideas.

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tedibear, I was just going to suggest flylady!

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It’s Here… Somewhere is the best book I have ever found for help with organizing a home. My copy is over 15 years old and I still refer to it to get back on track with clutter. The book isn’t long, so you don’t get overwhelmed with information and it doesn’t involve a special ‘system’ you need to learn. I would seriously recommend tracking down a used copy of the book.

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Andrew, you just made a sale for Amazon…lol I’m buying that book now – thanks for the recommendation!

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Get rid of stuff. Unless you’re living out of a duffel bag you probably have too much. What I do is try to give away (Goodwill) as much as possible. Then I put all the stuff which isn’t necessary but I can’t stand to get rid of in a box. I write the date on the box. Four months later if I haven’t opened the box and can’t remember what’s in it I give it to Goodwill. Without opening it!! That’s important…:)

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