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Honestly. Do you break a/the law every day? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) February 16th, 2017

Yes or no would suffice. I’m not trying to get anyone to incriminate themselves.

For example, I “speed” every time I drive.

Do you break at least one law a day,or at what frequency?

I examined my life one day,and found that I probably break at least one law a day….

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Most traffic cops will admit that they can pull over any driver after following them for only seven blocks.

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Yeah I would have to say I do too, at least one maybe even two or three.

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Yep. I pirate TV shows.

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Yes, usually while driving. Most common would be speeding, although I’m moving with traffic. I once got pulled over because my rear license plate was covered with snow.

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I hope so. Mindless unquestioning obedience to any law is ridiculous.

Any sentient (that word again) should balance the law versus the risks of not breaking the law, and decide if the consequences are worth it.

That goes for jaywalking all the way up to murder.

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Seriously, you ask this after I disclosed my irrational fear of going to jail on another question? I will not be tricked into answering this. :-)

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La justice, c’est moi.

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Had a lawyer tell me one time, related to a juvenile court case, that the charges had been changed to ‘Disturbing the Peace” and that there was no way he could beat that charge, not in this court, not with this judge, because the law is so broad, so vague, so subject to individual interpretation, that everyone could be charged with it several times a day and found guilty if the judge so desired.

So I assume that yes, I do break the law every day.

also, I have been known to change lanes without indicating if I allow myself to be distracted

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Five days a week while driving to work. 77 mph in a 70.

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Yes, speeding mostly. Jaywalking too. If nobody’s around, I may or may not signal.

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Not every day. I haven’t driven in a few years so that’s out. I don’t really pirate stuff either. I jay walk. I’ve been known to provide alcohol to under 21 year olds. I’m trying to figure out how to obtain marijuana before the recreational dispensaries open up next year because I’m impatient. That’s pretty much the extent of my crimes, lol.

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Yes, two in particular…

1) Law of decency
2) Law of science

Reason, because i’m so goddam attractive, beauty really does come at a price

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I’m with @jca Those would be my fairly frequent but not habitual law breaking moments.
I also do not claim my cash gigs on income tax. Screw ‘em, the extra I make for gigs is mine.

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Yes, depending on how much I interact with society per day. I drive for safety and to avoid tickets, but not to obey all the insultingly low speed limits, but I don’t drive every day. It seems to me there are many laws that should not be laws because they don’t have a good reason for them as written. I think officers and/or the bosses of officers who cite for breaking bad laws should not be doing that. And we should be trimming out the bad laws.

And although I don’t actually break them much nor frequently, I think the entire “intellectual property” concept should and will eventually be tossed out, and shouldn’t be a thing. Business models should evolve, and media companies should stop buying laws and trying to criminalize sharing of media.

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I might also pirate TV shows

Sonarr is the best software ever written.

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No. When I drive I often speed though.

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I’m sure I do. I jaywalk. I speed. There are so many obscure laws I’m not even aware of that I’m sure I break a number of them on regular basis.

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I smoke pot that is not legal or medicinal.

I don’t speed. I like having a clean driving record.

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^^ some? ^^

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Is it against culinary law to blend fine champagne with Pomegranate juice? If so arrest me. lol

@blackbetty I make a mean batch of happy brownies. haha

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@Coloma I bet you cut the tag off your mattress didn’t you?

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@chyna Haha, yes, I cut the tags off of everything.

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I never return rooks to library in time, which is actually punishable. Once I even returned a damaged book, but I got away with it.

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@Sneki95 Wow, really? You have just completely tarnished your image. ’-)

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I have….I’ll never forgive myself that typo there.

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Finally a true demon comes forward. Late,or damaged library books! Have you no soul @Sneki95 ? ~~~

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@MrGrimm888 I lost all my soul and shame when I ripped the protective nylon from that one book. I haven’t even the decency to remember which book it was.

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I sort of speed. I’m bad at speeding. I’m just convinced that I’m the car the cop will pull over, so I’ll “speed” at up to three miles over the posted speed limit, and only faster than that when I’m trying to, for example, get away from the side of a big rig, but I can’t make myself go faster than that—my impatient passengers can’t get me to go any faster, either.

But I did drive for several months without a working horn. To be fair, for most of that time I didn’t realize the horn was broken… so I was being neglectful but not knowingly breaking the law… which is probably worse, actually. Then one day when a car ahead of me wasn’t moving at a green light, it wouldn’t make a peep, and so I was behind them eventaully pounding into my steering wheel to no avail.

I went through a period of time when I refused to j walk because I had heard a couple of stories from acquaintances who had been pulled over by cops for j walking.

My drugs of choice are caffeine and theobromine—set me up with some green tea and some dark chocolate and I’m good—so no stories there, either.

When I was in my first few weeks at college, I was biking around campus and became tired of being the only bike to stop at stops signs, so I sorta stopped stopping—a few days later I blew through a stop sign in front of a university police officer on a bicycle. The sun was in my eyes and I hadn’t seen the uniform. He had such an exasperated expression on his face, like, “Really? You just did that?” ... What can I say? I’ve had very little practice with the criminal ways.

But geez I’m glad my libraries are more relaxed than Snecki’s… I’ve been very late with several books in the past year. I still owe $4 to one library—they’ve recently stopped sending reminder emails; I should really get around to paying it.

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Also I inadvertently smuggled a bottle of water over a country’s borders.

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Just weeks ago, a book was returned to San Francisco library which was 100 years overdue.
Honest truth, the title is Forty Minutes Late.

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@Sneki95 I used to really like you but after that confession…no more. There are a few of us librarians on this site so we will be watching you. Mark my words.

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@Stinley Sorry to hear that. At least you now now the true me.

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just to add that I have got two things out my library. One is overdue and I can’t be bothered renewing it and the other I want to return but can’t find it…

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@Sneki95 and @Stinley – don’t be too hard on people that return books late and owe library fines.

Depending on the library, fines can make up some significant portion of a library’s budget for new and replacement books.

If it weren’t for scofflaws and malefactors like @Sneki95, libraries might be in the position of being unable to afford new materials.

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@elbanditoroso true that. My library charges 50p a day per item. That’s a lot of money. (I’m a soft touch and often waive fines if the reader makes up some paltry excuse)

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I have a library book from when I was 6 years old in 1966. haha
“Caroline at the ranch.” The horsey illustrations of little cowgirl Caroline were so enrapturing to me I kept it forever. lol Oh, my life of crime. hey, if there was a way to make counterfeit money without getting caught I’d be so there. I could do a Martha Stewart stint in a cushy federal prison taking cooking classes and teaching the inmates how to make curtains out of grasses and give theemslves mud facials. haha

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I have one from sixth grade lol.

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^ haha…oh we be bad.

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