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Never been able to download photos from my phone. Can you help?

Asked by rojo (22066points) February 17th, 2017

I have an older Samsung phone (my daughter says it is a Samsung POS) but the phone says it is a SGH-T679.

This morning, for the first time I can recall, when I plugged it in to charge it, it asked me what I wanted to do with it and gave me a list of options. One of the options was download photos and videos so I clicked on that.

Whirred and hummed, went to photo albums on the computer then gave me a message that said “THERE IS NOTHING TO IMPORT We couldn’t find anything to import from that device. Make sure it is unlocked then try again” and two buttons “try again” and “close” Tried again to no avail.

It is time for a new phone but I would like to save what I have on there.

Any ideas?

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Try keying *248 / send to reprogram the phone. After it resets, try again.

Also, how did you have it hooked up to the computer?

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If the phone has Bluetooth capability – as I would expect even from a non-smartphone – then you can pair it with a computer that has the same capability (follow your computer’s instructions on how to complete the pairing) and then you can share files – including, but not limited to photos – between the devices.

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Or you can use a USB cable.

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Sorry, I thought I had answered that, I was using a USB I know I answered. Guess I did not press the answer button

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Hm. Wish I was there.

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Will try the bluetooth option this wknd.

Also, @Dutchess_III when you say key in *248 / send and it will reprogram the phone, what are you saying? What resets? The entire phone?

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I misspoke. It’s *228. It just cleans stuff up, and resets your programs. It says it’s “reactivating.” It doesn’t delete files or contacts or anything. I do it about once a month just for the hell of it. It’s kind of like running a virus scan on your computer. Takes care of lots of glitches.

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When it’s connected to your computer open the icon on your desktop to view your drives and devices and check if the camera icon appears. You should be able to navigate through the folders to your pictures if it does. If it doesn’t appear you can get a manual for your camera and download the driver here

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Check your privacy settings as well. I went through something similar like that once but I don’t remember what I had to do. It was either something to do with my google account or my phone settings, or my advance system care settings. Maybe tomorrow I will remember. It was something I did to keep my phone from being hacked but I forgot what it was.

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Is your phone unlocked? Mine doesn’t let me in unless I have entered my passcode

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