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What are your plans for the weekend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32728points) February 17th, 2017

I’m taking a pie to the block party tonight, and I have a date Saturday with a man who appreciates the way I operate. Sunday will be a day of rest, and on the holiday (in the US) on Monday, I will get some exercise and maybe walk down to the beach.


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I just found out my customer wants a review meeting at their facility on Tuesday afternoon. That means I will spend a lot of time getting it all together.
And I’lll be thinking about for the next few days. Ugh!

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Practice my saxophone for a puppet show me and some other people are putting together about a Middle Eastern empire.
I will also be working on my Middle Eastern style composition for the show.
Aside from all that, I will be biking, watching TV, drawing, and just lazing around.

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Going to a friend’s Japanese restaurant for dinner with him tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday at two house parties/music jams with musician friends and service at the UU congregation on Sunday morning.

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This weekend, I will be mourning the imminent loss of breathable air, drinkable water, and a habitable natural landscape as Scott Pruitt prepares to take office as the head of the EPA.

RIP, environment. :(

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Four day weekend for me. I just finished building my wife a display case for here figure collection. I’m going to tear out and replace a length of fence. If there is time start prepping my garden.

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A wedding day and a day of peace.

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I plan to reseal around the edge of the bath, take a walk through the park, speak with my daughter on the phone, read some more of a children’s book I am enjoying, listen to music and try to imagine how delicious @Hawaii_Jake ‘s pies must be.

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Today’s pie will be store-bought. It will be haupia and chocolate. Haupia is a confection/gelatin made from coconut milk.

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Since it’s the Family Day long weekend here, part of my weekend will be spent dodging children wherever I go.

I’ll be doing my regular Saturday and Sunday swims. A neighbour wants to go to our nearby Legion for a beer and I think that might be fun. Sunday I’m supposed to go to a clothing swap but I’m still mulling it over. I did really well at the last swap, off-loaded 28 things that were too big for me, got 3 new designer pieces as well as some great yarn and fabric.

It’s supposed to be unseasonably warm so I think there will be some extra dog-walking time.

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@Hawaii_Jake Wow, those pies do look delicious. I had never heard of such a pie before.

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The flavor of haupia is surprisingly subtle. It’s not an overwhelming coconut-like flavor. I can’t make it. I’ve tried and failed, but it’s plentiful in the shops.

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3 day weekend for me too (government worker). I am enjoying a quiet Friday night home alone now, with my daughter at my stepfather’s. I just had leftover Chinese food for dinner and after I am on the computer, I’m going to get back to reading a new Richard Russo book I just got from Costco. I’m enjoying my daughter’s bedroom more than my own. Her room is smaller than mine but I like it a lot better.

Tomorrow, going to a polymer clay group meeting about an hour away. That will be the majority of the day, then picking up my daughter at my stepfather’s. Sunday and Monday, not sure. Weather in this neck of the woods is supposed to be unseasonably warm.

I might give the interior of my car a good cleaning. I asked a q on here a few days ago about if Jellies own a vacuum for their car’s interior. I just got some body work done on my car so now I’m thinking if I give the interior a good cleaning, it will be kind of like a new car.

Since I have a three day weekend, I could have taken a little trip with my daughter but it’s pretty cold in all the places we could get to easily, so I think I’ll pass.

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Staying out of the rain and watching golf.

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Doing a side thing to recover from the damage my sister did to my credit card.

Check this the fuck out.

A few weeks ago I went up to take care of my sister’s pet. No problem there. But we were discussing money for her trip to visit her son. I was concerned about the amount of cash she had.

So I offered one of my credit cards for emergencies. This ended badly.

Apparently 60 dollars at a Pizza place the first day was a emergency.

And it gets much worse.

She maxed the card on expensive food. So I took on some extra work to cover her bullshit. I am not thrilled.

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Nothing and I am hoping it will be relaxing. My husband and children are off next week for half term so I will have dinner cooked for me and not have to get anyone else ready in the mornings apart from myself. So a mini break from routine for me too.

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@johnpowell Whoa! MAJOR bummer, dude!

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And when I got to the store, the haupia-chocolate cream pie lost to macadamia cream pie. A neighbor brought a macadamia cheese cake from the same bakery. I had a piece of that, but many others had the macadamia cream pie I brought and pronounced it delicious.

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@johnpowell What the ?!?!?! How can people do that?! You’d think that she’d be so appreciative of your offer she would not have touched it!
I just don’t get it….

A close friend of ours has a niece with 3 kids. The neice was so far behind in her rent, heat, electricity, car insurance she was facing homelessness. Our friend gave her $7000 to cover the expenses.
What do you think happened to the money?
The niece flew herself and 3 kids to Florida for an all inclusive week at the Magic Kingdom – Disney World Resort.

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@LuckyGuy :: that is much worse.

But the good news is I woke up to a text saying my sister put 1242 into my bank account so the card is now paid off. And really it was six days. They spent that much on food (and I heart San Francisco t-shirts) in six days…..

And they were staying with her son…. He has a fucking kitchen.

Normally I write off little loans to my sister. I think she knew that this one was to big too ignore. If I wasn’t paid back that random 100 here and there would never happen again.

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