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What is the purpose of the Hadron Collider?

Asked by weightless (57points) August 8th, 2008

I know what the Hardron Collider will be doing but I would love for someone more knowledgeable than me to explain what this facilitie’s main purpose is or will be.

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Why, to see if we can create the Higgs boson particle of course.

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to create black holes and destroy mankind as we know it off course, what other purpouse could you think of ?

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Basically in a nutshell, the collider is constructed to to exactly what it says it does. It collides atoms into each other. Based on the speed and types of atoms that are rammed into each other, different types of atoms and reactions will happen.

The purpose of the facility is to make predictions, study what happens, and try to apply any knowledge gained to help humanity.

The item that the first poster alludes to is that since we have never been able to construct machinery quite like this before now, we quite possibly will be able to prove some theoretical particles exist. We should be able to prove different types of unproven physics variables and proofs with actual hard evidence.

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i do want to point out that the structure itself alone is awesome to look at…

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To prove that awesome things can indeed be found in France.

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Very similar to the particle accelerator found at CERN. It basically rams particles into each other at amazing speeds and makes miniature ‘big bangs’. it also creates new matter of a larger mass than the combined mass of the old matter which goes against the basic conservation of mass.

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you can keep tabs on it’s progress here

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Previously dubbed the tower of babel, the large hardon collider’s main purpose is to change the equation of the universe. It’s like we’re building a step on the ladder to hell. I love talking nonsense.

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