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You are on the mistaken end of a tirade, but get an apology, how easy can you shake it off?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) February 17th, 2017

Just as you lock your door after parking another vehicle screeches to a halt in back of yours, and a person jumps out with an insult laden tirade about your dangerous driving and rude roadside manner. However, 40 seconds into the tirade they stop cold, scrutinize your vehicle, and say, ”Sorry, wrong [vehicle model], my bad”, then hop back in their vehicle and speed off. Would it affect any part of the rest of your day or would you shuck it off and go about the rest of the day as if it never happened? Would you be irked, or even tell your coworkers, friends, family, husband or wife about it? Would it play over in your mind? Would you believe you should have gotten a better apology and be annoyed because you did not?

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I would laugh, then, and each time I think back to it.

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It would just confirm my belief that most people are fucking idiots.

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It would depend on how stupid did they look when they realized what an idiot they were.

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Water off a ducks back. Been hammered at in so many similar situations that “what ever” is my pat response knowing I have a large piece of steel or oak wood within reach.

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I might be kind of shaken up by having thought this person would hurt me physically if they were loud and scary enough. I can handle an argument just fine but if the person was waving their arms around and intimidating me I might have been scared, which might not be so easy to recover from.

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Mistakes happen and even intense ones like you experienced. If offered an apology in this instance I have no choice but to pummel their sad ass, Then I can give them a heart felt apology for making them hurt so much…even hand them a Hallmark sympathy card while I am at it.

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Did this happen to you?

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I’ll simply ignore it. The fact that they apologized to me shows me just how sincere they are and I always like people that admit their mistake and apologize for it.

However, if they hit me for the reason of their own mistake then I’ll still put charges on them for the damage done.

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It would be difficult if I was accused of something I didn’t do by people who didn’t know who the real culprit was. I can forgive the accusers, but not the rat.

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If a person is willing to accept responsibility for something, it should be weighed…

Then, maybe discussed….

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I could shake it off easily, but I’d want to tell the person not to be so angry. If I don’t get to say it that’s fine, but I’d feel like they are working themselves up needlessly. They need to shake things off.

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@Cruiser Mistakes happen and even intense ones like you experienced.
Not mine, but a similar experience of another some time back but I remember the parson was quite shaken and annoyed to the point it affected their whole day. Myself, just like those who cut me off, or honk or take aggressive action to pass me because I am not driving fast enough for them, I usually recover quite quick and forget about them for the most part unless they were so aggressive they almost hit me.

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