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Why do my eyes turn green at night?

Asked by IchigoLover96 (10points) February 18th, 2017

I have hazel eyes and every night my eyes turn mostly like a medium green you can see a few yellow speaks in my eye I am very curious to why this is happening. I noticed months ago whenever I feel sad my eyes turn green and whenever I am mad they turn brown. But at night I am never mad and again was just curious to why my eyes turn green at night.

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Colour is formed by light passing through various layers of a material, with some frequencies being absorbed and others bounced back, the ones that bounce back are what we perceive as colour.

Many factors can determine what bounces back to us, including the direction of light, level of light, atmospheric conditions, as well as the various states of the material its bouncing off.

As you can see in this colour graphic, Hazel tones sit next to green and yellow tones.

At night you will be in ether low level light or using artificial lights, when sad your eyes may tear up creating a thin film over the eye. All of these variations can alter what light is bounced out of your eyes tipping the perceived tone between hazels and greens.

If you’re interested this is a great video explaining the same effect on metal surfaces

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by that time of day, you are probably a quart low

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I don’t know, but it sounds incredibly romantic.

My eyes, which are usually a sea blue, go black as night when I’m mad, and turn a bright, almost luminescent blue in the evenings around sunset. Many have remarked upon it. It might have something to do with blood flow.

I do believe rojo may have something. Fatigue also makes my eye color paler.

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