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What did you think of Beijing's opening ceremony performance?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) August 8th, 2008 from iPhone

It was amazing! They sure have a lot of people at their disposal! My favourite part was the bit with the typewriter dies.

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It makes me think the people have to do it or they will be killed.

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Willbrawn, the Cultural Revolution has been over for awhile now.

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I liked the fireworks everywhere in their major cities, and how they fired in a chain and some had smiley faces.

When did the typewriter “die” ?

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I mean die like what they use to cast coins, or what they sometimes call the metal things you put into type machines, not death! I couldn’t think of a better word!

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oh i see, they’re actually individual Chinese letters, each with a person under them standing up and down. The choreography was amazing for that part!

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I’m not watching the Olympics. Honestly, the whole thing is a disgusting farce.

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Oh dear, I suppose this is about human rights or Tibet, PupnTaco?

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Human rights, Tibet, Poverty vs. Showboating, Censorship, Restricting the Internet, Pollution, “Most Favored Nation” status, Corruption… I can go on.

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Here in the US the opening ceremonies won’t be broadcast until tonight. We are always the last to see the games.

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I think it was quite good. I love the footprints idea.

And PupnTaco, do you think that we should know more about them, go there, talk with them and invite them out to see the world as they have so many problems you mentioned? I think that will make more sense than just criticising. So I recommend you watch it. :-)

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