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Is someone killing actors , or their characters , to change how movies or shows end?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) February 19th, 2017

I find that when an actor or actress makes a good movie that they suddenly die, or their characters. As if to prevent future movies. Batman Joker, Heath Ledger. Dead after a great movie. Edna Krabappel ,Marcia Wallace, after marring Ned Flanders. Carrie Fisher after making the latest star wars movie. Han Solo’s character dies and then Harrison Ford lives. It is just off the top of my head. Please add more to the list. Humor and insight welcome. Conspiracy theory answers welcome. Or you can just humor me. Also Leonard Nimoy and Captain Kirk. Are the Fates screwing around with us?

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Jessica Tandy. She made “Nobody’s Fool” and died soon after, at the youthful age of 85.

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Jessica Tandy just rocks. ed.

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It’s actually known that producers kill off or send the character on a buss for the sake of the plot, or because the actors don’t want to act anymore.

The actress that played Prue in Charmed tv show broke the contract. In order not to hire another actress, they changed the story so Prue would die.

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Eh, drug habits sometimes get the better of people. Nothing new there.

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If someone is killing famous Hollywood actors after they make a good movie, John Travolta and Nicholas Cage should live long lives.

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It is just further evidence that we are all living in a computer simulation. There is no difference between the real and the imaginary. What we think of as movies are simulations within the simulation. Whoever wrote the simulation program has a wicked sense of humor. Either that or these actors figured out the truth about what is going on and had to be eliminated rescripted.

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