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Why was my husbands body in the same position as when he died?

Asked by moonchild1960 (15points) February 19th, 2017

My son found his dad dead in his house after an apparent heart attack. He said his dad was on his back with his hands clutched over his chest with his eyes wide open and a grimace on his face. It was like his body just froze in the position he was in when having the attack. is that normal? It was very hard on my son.

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He was not in rigor mortis yet

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Unfortunately common.

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People rarely move after they’re dead without some external force.

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Yes, it’s normal. Perhaps there is a bereavement support group in your son’s area that could help him cope with his loss.

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How could he change positions after he died?
I’m so sorry for your son.

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Please, please be sure and find your son someone with whom he will feel comfortable talking to about this and it may not, in fact probably won’t be you. It is a traumatic event that he need to be able to work through, the sooner the better for him. It will be with him always but the sooner he begins coping the easier it will be for him.

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@Dutchess_III perhaps it is because in the movies we often see a person sag and go limp when life passes from them.

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