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What am I reading?

Asked by Soubresaut (13702points) February 20th, 2017

I was inspired by the “where’s the voice recording question” question and went about picking a book off my shelf and recording myself reading it to share.

It’s a fairly well-known book, and the passage I chose, I expect, is a rather well-known one.

So I thought it would be fun if I simply shared the recording with you guys and asked you—what am I reading?

And then I thought it might be fun if some other people recorded themselves reading passages out books they enjoy, and having us guess what they read.

That way we get to hear each other’s voices and also it’s a sort of game, because why not?—and more importantly, because games are fun.

So, here’s my recording

(Bonus points if you catch my verbal “typo!” I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t bother me…)

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So long and thanks for…”’

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“The reason why it was published in the form of a micro sub meson electronic component is that if it were printed in normal book form, it would require several inconveniently large buildings to carry it around in.”

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That’s the forward to Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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