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Is Carol going to be angry at Daryl once she finds out what happened to Glenn and Abraham?

Asked by rojo (23455points) February 21st, 2017

As asked.

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She deserves to be. But since Daryl ran away with the daughter of the mailman, Carol will have one hell of a time finding him, if she ever does. I think it’s a lost cause. Glenn and Abraham, well, they were sort of innocent dupes in the whole episode – they’re being blamed for things they had nothing to do with.

But Carol isn’t particularly innocent either. She slept with the neighbor’s 20-year old son (she said it was a mistake), but if that were the case, why did she do it over and over?

The way I see it, Carol and Daryl are not long for the world….

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Nope.. Carol stopped watching the show over a year ago.

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Is this about The Walking Dead? I stopped watching that show a couple seasons back. Lost my interest when it became enamored with its own nihilism.

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Why would she be mad at Daryl? It’s not his fault in any way. Negan would have used any excuse to kill someone. The only person at fault is Negan.

If Carol is upset with anyone it should be herself. She is being seriously selfish right now. She is needed by her people.

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What about Z for Zombies. Have they been written out of the script?

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Yeah. Daryl really should not have fired Glenn and Abraham just for eating Daryl’s last sausage roll from the office fridge. He did not even label it!

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Oh, is this question about that show called “People Arguing and Sometimes Zombies Show Up”? :p

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