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What is the difference when someone sneezes when awake or asleep?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) February 21st, 2017

As asked.

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Well, when you sneeze while asleep, your pillow gets wet.

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I’ve never sneezed when it didn’t wake me up….

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When you sneeze while asleep you open your eyes.

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If you sneeze while asleep, and no one there is awake, is there a sound?

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When you sneezw while asleep, it is an indication that you are being watched by an intruder. Your survival instinct knows this, and does what it can. Evolution, contrary to popular belief, is not perfect.

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I would argue that the sleep-sneeze is Fake News and has never occurred except on CNN.

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@johnpowell It is not fake news…it’s alternative fa—...fa—...CHOO!...

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I think I love you.

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I just realized, I never sneezed in my sleep.
Wonder why?
Oh, just found this.
We don’t sneeze when we are sleeping, thanks to our brains and our location. We actually should be more prone to sneezing during our sleep, as the mucous membranes swell when we lie down. ... This means that the motor neurons are not being stimulated, so they aren’t sending these signals to the brain.Feb 2, 2012
Can humans sneeze while sleeping? | Science Illustrated

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@CWOTUS You can’t open your eyes while sneezing.

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Do people sneeze when they are sleeping?

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^^ Apparently not. Though I’m not sure if the link above meant any time during sleep or only during REM.

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