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What are the celestial bodies almost always visible but not tonight Feb. 21, 2017?

Asked by flo (12904points) February 21st, 2017

Venus? and about 3 other bodies are usualy visible most of the days, but not tonight? Why not given tonight is no cloudier than the other days,.

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It might be that they are “setting” before the Sun, and might be more easily observed in the mornings before sunrise.

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@Strauss they are there almost (“almost” just to be on the safe side since it’s cloudy sometimes) every night, around 6 pm EST for the last few months anyway. Feb 21 2017 none of them visible.

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So, are you really asking why you can’t find the celestial bodies that are supposed to be visible?

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No, I’m asking if they are supposed to be visible every night, I thought thery were, and why they weren’t they on Feb 21, 2017

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