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What are the chances facebook will actually be shut down?

Asked by jenjen567 (51points) July 23rd, 2007

I heard that it might happen in two days. I really hope its not true.

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Very, very, very low.

Even in the highly unlikely chance that ConnectU's case gains enough traction to actually make decisions about Facebook, they'd be fools to shut down the site. But I'd be shocked if it gets anywhere near that. So I wouldn't worry yourself.

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Well I didn't know anything about the case...after reading some articles, I'd say the chance that fb gets shut down is almost non-existent.

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I also believe that although the original concept might have been the same, the two sites have gone in completely different directions.

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even if facebook looses the court battle, the result of which would be facebook paying a huge fine. Facebook is reportedly wort about 5 billion dollars and in all likelihood , zuckerburg can pay off the fine by selling partial ownership.

The actual case however is in FB's favor - so rest assured

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