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Would you please give me GRE advice?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) February 21st, 2017

Friend of mine’s planning on taking GRE this year. Any advice on recommended books, resources, study approaches, etc.?

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Honestly, it’s not a test you “study” for. You can buy a basic test prep book and get what you need. Basic math is about all some need to brush up on. The test measures how analytical you think and the questions don’t usually require specific knowledge but require you to reason through to a solution. You can take it again and again. Most grad schools are just looking if you really know how to do basic reasoning.

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When I took it years ago, there was basic math on it which I need to refresh myself on. You might need to study analogies or reading comprehension. Your best bet is to buy a current GRE prep book and work your way through it.

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When in doubt, on a multiple choice question, choose the letter C (or the third one).

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Don’t be lazy; Persevere and you’ll succeed.

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