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Have you encountered any tasty new foods lately?

Asked by Kardamom (31428points) February 22nd, 2017

I’ve asked a similar question before, but it was awhile ago, so I figured some of you might have found some new goodies.

I recently got introduced to these Jalapeño Veggie Straws. They’re super yummy!

Let’s talk food people!

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Nothing new but…I have been mixing a little bowl of raw almonds with dark chocolate covered dried cherries lately. Delicious, nutritious snack. :-)

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New restaurant French and Thai. Includes both Thai and French bakery items.

Whoa !

What a combination !

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I’m not good at all in trying new foods. Last time I did I fell in love with jalapeno poppers. That was several years ago.

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I ate some croissant thing today from the bakery. It tasted really good.

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I had picadillo – a spicy ground meat dish – for the first time in Cuba last month and liked it so much that I found a recipe and made it at home a few weeks ago.

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I had some weird fish salmon thing 10 minutes ago was good. Partly undercooked, but I think I am safe.

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My son’s girlfriend made us Polish style meatballs tonight and boy were they delicious.

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When I was a child, I got a strange reaction in my throat when I ate bananas. It was a kind of scratchiness, and I thought I was allergic to them, so I stopped eating them for about 40 years.

I drank a smoothie one day that had banana in it without knowing. I had no reaction, thus discovering I am not actually allergic.

I have been eating my fill of Hawaiian apple bananas for the past few months. I have been loving them. Apple bananas are smaller than the Cavendish variety in the grocery stores on the mainland. They have a richer flavor, too.

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Not yet…chomping at the bit to taste test the new yet to be released in May carmel filled M&M’s Can’t wait!

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Lemon juice squeezed on thinly sliced carrots. I ate fish and chips at a different restaurant today and that carrot salad was the side dish for the fish. Crunchy, sour, and refreshing, I never thought carrot could be so appetizing.

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I wanted slaw mix for a recipe. Found this

It is the first thing I’ve found that includes kale that I like, so I bought more. I’ve used it as slaw, as a soup base, and as part of a faux colcannon. Very tasty.

I originally bought it because it has beets – and I love beets.

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Gah…Kale. I just can’t manage it unless it’s shredded in a soup or extremely finely minced up in a salad. We grew some in the garden a few years ago and the geese wouldn’t even eat it. haha

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