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How do you deal with a guy teasing you?

Asked by sonyaakes (19points) February 22nd, 2017

When you ask a guy friend of yours to do something and they say no in a joking manner? how you deal with it?

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I say “ok” or “ok whatever” or “oh come on, please?”

I think you probably need to be more specific if you want us to understand your situation. Ages, your gender, relationship, context, why is this teasing?, more details, etc…

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What are you asking him to do?

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I’m a serious person so I’ll immediately tell him the consequences if he didn’t do it… in joking manner, of course.

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It sounds like he’s teasing in a flirty manner. I’d just laugh about it.

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If he doesn’t do what you ask, no matter what his initial response was, then get in his face about it. And be prepared! He may like like you!

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Why should he? How well do you know him? What do you want him to do?

Need much more detail to make any sensible answer.

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Tease him back, hone your witty bantering skills. No man alive can outwit me. lol

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Yell “That’s my purse! I don’t know you!” and kick him in the nuts.

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Start avoiding them .

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