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What is your take on that $1,000 iPhone app?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) August 8th, 2008

Here’s a link to a page about it, there is another link on that page that tells you a little more.

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Holy smokes!!! Babo won’t be buying that one!!!!

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I think it is ridiculous, but I’m glad the person who put it out there made some money from it before they took it down. You know what they say about a fool and their money, right? It looks like he found some fools.

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Attack of the Show ran this story earlier in the week. I said “Ha” and went about my way.

…possibly end of thread.

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Anyone stupid enough to buy a $1000 JPEG deserves what they get. However, Apple’s vetting process could stand a little refinement.

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I think its hilarious. Some guy actually bought it, thinking it was a joke, and now is trying to get his money back (according to a Digg post).

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What exactly was this $1000 app.? As part the purchase, they better be sending that ruby they were showing.

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I think it shows a completely new level of dedication of the apple using community.

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^ I think it shows how stupid people can be. Or how a grand is nothing to some people. (it’s a lot to me).

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It shows that too, yes. I can’t imagine dropping a grand on something useless even if I had the money available.

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It already started to become a status symbol before Apple pulled it. So whoever came up with that idea was exactly right. People will spend $1000 just to say they did, even on something completely useless. And good for the people who made this app, who have garnered all kinds of coverage and probably made a good 10K already. I’m glad to see rich stupid people being taken advantage of for once instead of the disenfranchised.


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I am with Jason Kottke on this – people have the right to choose what they want to pay for. Doesnt matter if its useful or not.

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Woah!!! 1,000 bucks?!?!?! Who made that app? what does it even do? is it just a picture of a ruby? That’s just crazy. :-O

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Yup it’s just a picture of a ruby, but the developer says that it also has mystical powers that bring good luck and might help you stay rich.

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Or make him stay rich…

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