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So. If humanity finds a planet that's perfect for us,whose is it? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) February 23rd, 2017

Can a country lay claim to a planet? Or a portion of the planet,without even being there?

Do you have to be the first one there,put a flag on it,and now it’s yours?

Is there a pre-existing agreement about this?

Like could China claim the Moon?

Could the USA claim Mars?

How would someone be able to own ot?

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ragingloli’s planet !

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I call dibs.

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The Apollo 11 plaque now on the moon reads “We came in peace for all mankind”.

However in the Trump era any habitable planet will be claimed in perpetuity by Trump Enterprises Incorporated with full mining rights and put in Ivanka’s name to avoid any conflict of interest.

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The galactic empire. So, mine.

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Whoever wins the war between ragingloli/ZEPHYRA and RedDeerGuy1, and anyone else who comes along.

Except at our current rate, we’ll probably be extinct before we get there due to out stupider-than-dirt relationship to the environment thanks to our perverse economics and politics.

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All of our effort, resources and technological advancement need to be focused on getting off earth, not silly consumer trinkets. We’ll worry about who can claim it once we actually have the ability to get there.

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Practically speaking – whoever has the power to hold it.

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Donald Trumps duh!

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Whoever names it (other than some number.) I’ll call it, when it’s found, “Scarborough Fair.”

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The first one to have colonized the the certain measured area of the said planet. If you want to lay claims to your territory you need to colonize another area. At least, this is how the first countries and border dispute are found.

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People can’t even find peace in this planet how will they claim the other planets. They won’t even have what would they do on the other planets but they will still fight for it.

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Nicki Minaj has broad ownership of Uranus

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If the planet is perfect for us, might there not be intelligent life on it?

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^^ Not necessarily, just look at Earth.

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@ucme not Myanus!

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