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Do people hate it when I talk about my nephew?

Asked by AmyClaire (31points) August 8th, 2008

He is really cute and smart and only a year and a half.

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I haven’t seen another word about your nephew so not yet.

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Nephews are great, I’ve got a couple of them myself. I made a commemoritive video of my youngest nephew’s greatness… however, it’s worthy of it’s own thread, I believe… as the contents will no doubt spark discussion.

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Is he the only thing coming out of your mouth? If not, I would seriously doubt it.

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I don’t know anyone you know too, otherwise I’d ask them for you.

People here on Fluther would probably love to hear your questions about your nephew.

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Heh, I posted a “my nephew thread” and people are already sick of it. I guess that experiment answered your question.

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oops – I thought the question was why do people hate it…

I’m deleting my asinine response. :)

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You’ll know it when it happens. Believe me!
Otherwise, gloat away! Kids are fantastic!
Especially boys.

*An unbiased mom to three of THE BEST boys in the world.
I’ll quit now….

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Hate is a strong word.
Maybe they are annoyed.

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You mean here? If they don’t like it they can scroll on by…so talk away here!

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Depends how much you talk about him

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