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Why did people wear monocles?

Asked by joyengel (20points) August 8th, 2008
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If you can rock a monocle, you can wear anything without looking bad.

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Basically, they performed the function of today’s bifocals. The wearer could see fine print with them. You can still get them today.

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To look seedy…

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Mr. Peanut convention?

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To correct vision when only one eye needs correction.

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Not only were they fashionable at the time, but lenses were very expensive and one costs less than two.

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Monocles are required equipment for top hat and cane usage in some eastern states: (See Mr. Peanut and the Monopoly Man).

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Actually, along with what Marina mentioned, they are doing the same thing with contacts, where you read with one eye and have the other corrected (if necessary) for distance vision. I tried it and it made me dizzy. Some people can handle it, though.

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Along with what Seesul mentioned they also do this with lasik surgery. Typically what they will do for people over 40 is correct the eyes for different distances.

They will correct one eye to be strong close up and the other to be strong for distance seeing.

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Bodyhead; If that’s the case, it should be a requirement to try it out with contacts first and see if you can adapt to it. Along with making me dizzy, it made my headaches worse and made my stomach queazy. I’d sure hate to have gone around like that for the rest of my life.

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